My First Time on MRTS

I went to Pradeep’s place today. Pradeep and C Karthik are helping me with my project and I take this medium (as well) to thank them. Pradeep, especially has been doing a lot of work. I won’t go into details of that, but here are a couple of snaps of Easter Lilies I snapped while at his place.


Afterwards, we went to Parry’s Corner* (another first for me) to get a couple of things. I have never, till date traveled by MRTS trains. I have taken the normal trains a couple of time when I had to travel from Tambaram to SRM. Trains are very convenient actually. It didn’t take much time to reach the Beach station from where we walked to Parry’s Corner*. (another first. A day of firsts, eh.)  

Here’s a snap of the Kotturpuram MRTS station. If you look closely, you can see the Thiruveeka Bridge. (It’s called that, right ?) and Adyar estuary. Sadly, I don’t have optical zoom. So this is as good a picture as I could get from where I was standing. (You can make out the silhouette of the two of us.)



10 thoughts on “My First Time on MRTS

  1. That’s not a silhouette, that’s just shadows. Anyway, I like that photo. For reasons unknown it brings back so many memories. At the train station, evening, sun behind, I love that. I loved those times. For me it’s a great photo.

    Suburban rail has amazing efficiency. The only thing I hate are Pallavaram return trains.

  2. @George,

    I thought a shadow qualified as a silhouette as well. We’ll just call it shadow otherwise. 🙂

    and, loved those times ? You don’t go to college any longer ?

  3. @Marc,

    Ah, yes those times.


    Yes, when you worked for the railways 🙂 Correct. I keep forgetting.


    Namaskarams. Well, must have been by chance. I am not really all that much into photography. Unga alavukku ellaam pro illai innum. 🙂

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