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SMS Sender

It’s a shame really that Sony Ericsson’s PC suite allows you to do very little. You can copy files and stuff and charge your phone (duh!!) maybe, but other than that, it’s not so great. It has this feature wherein you can synchronise contacts and appointments and stuff. Like I am ever going to need one. 

I remember some 5-6 years back when Nokia has this 5100 phone, that we could send and receive messages form your PC using the PC suite. So I set out the find an application that would allow me to do the same with my Sony Ericsson phone. I found the Microsoft SMS Sender.

You can find the original article that I stumbled upon, here: (I don’t wish to repeat stuff that’s already there elsewhere on the Internet.) 

Sending SMS Using Windows XP

However, on going to the Windows site to download the same, it asked me to verify if my Windows XP was genuine. Else it would not allow me to download this crappy 625KB application. What the heck ? Well, my Windows XP is genuine alright, but nevertheless, I am not going to allow these guys to check that before I can download this application. So I got it from another site anyway. Here’s the download link:

Microsoft SMS Sender 1.0

In XP it seems you can only send messages and not recieve them. It maintains a crappy log on a notepad file and the sent message cannot be found on your phone. But then I was pleased that it actually worked. It is supposed to work with data cable, IR or Bluetooth.

I did find a better software afterwards and it rocks. I shall be writing on the same later. I am sure there are more such software available on the Internet.


25 thoughts on “Microsoft SMS Sender

  1. @Aravindhan,

    If a 5100 has/had it, then your, mine and everyone else’s should.


    Yes. But this isn’t that. This is using your computer to send messages via your phone. (Typing on the keyboard is much easier and faster too.) Nothing great really. Something you can write yourself. (I know of people who actually have. And they didn’t buy if from project centres either.)

  2. @Srividya,

    Oh, I thought you meant sending messages to other phones through your PC. (Also quite common these days.) And, yes you could have phrased it better 😀 . See what Google throws at you when you search the phrase “PC to mobile messaging” But, then if you say you meant this when you said that, I take your word for it. 😉

    It normally comes with Nokia PC Suite. My SE PC suite didn’t seem to have it though.

  3. @Gowtham, Marc,

    Messaging is much easier if you can use your computer keyboard. Isn’t that reason enough ? I don’t know about you guys, but I am not very fond of Carpal tunnel. 😛 (Now, don’t say using the keyboard also causes Carpal tunnel. I don’t use the keyboard all that much) Also I don’t use my charger at all. Instead, I use the data cable for charging as well.

    When I am home, I can sms, call, and do other such things from my phone using my PC. It’s really useful.

    Now, when I am not home, I shall be messaging and calling like any of you blokes.

  4. You could hook it up to the computer and use your favourite torrent client’s remote interface to report on downloads and start and stop with specific codes. You’re an engineer, get coding.

  5. Why not hook up the phone remotely to an electroencephalogram and send out text alerts based on brain signals to determine decapitation?

  6. Karthik, Sony MyphoneExplorer is a tool which allows you to use your comp to send message via mobile. Hey check properly dude cos sony pc suite itself might allow it to do. I have motorokr n it works in my pc suite.

  7. @Hari,

    That’s the “better software” I was talking about. 😀 Haven’t had the time to write on it. 😦

    MPE or My Phone Explorer, is an amazing software and let’s you send and recieve messages and even calls from you PC through the mobile. Everyone who has a SE phone should check it out.

    Sony PC Suite doesn’t seem to have it.

  8. Free Sms Software With Keygen

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