December (or Later) is Definitely Bad

Read Marc’s post here December Isn’t So Bad

What are we talking about ? We are talking about the tentative date of reporting for training with Infosys. While, it is still not confirmed that it shall take till December for us to be called for training, if people have been intimated that they need to report by December , then chances are the guys who have not been intimated so far (like me for instance) will be called even later. (Very slim chances of us being called earlier.)


Possible Upside:

Sure, you can use the time to go an a vacation or something. You can definitely stay home and recuperate form the bad dream which lasted 4 long uneventful years (read B.E/ college)  by taking rest. (But haven’t we been doing that for almost 6 months now ? Right form the 7th semester study holidays.)

Definite Downside:

I was expecting to be called by say July. Now I shall be missing 6 months’ pay. 😦  Damn, I could have saved at-least 50k by then. Now instead, I will have no money in December. What will I buy myself for New Years ?

Salary is one thing. Another thing is losing 6 months in life. It’s almost like we will be joining with our junior batch. We could even end up being colleagues. Now, how much ever cool you think the long vacations are, that’s pretty shitty man. It’s almost like flunking a grade. Now, Isn’t that bad enough. At around the same time next year, you won’t have enough experience to show on your resume. It’s a permanent setback.

Backup Plan:

Infosys was supposedly my backup plan. But I didn’t know that my college guys would be bastards and not let me attend other core companies. So, now I am stuck with no alternate options but this. I did have a few other things in mind. Like GATE for instance. However, my dad felt I should give CAT (why do all dad’s think that ? ) and disagreeing with him meant that I couldn’t take GATE either. (Well, he has to pay for the application and the classes you know) GRE (translates to an MS in US) was never an option immediately after college for me. That would have to wait another 2 years.

Keeping myself engaged for 6 months:

I could do a lot of things to keep myself engaged. I am thinking of attending a few symposiums. 🙂 I could toy around with a few things I have been always wanting to experiment with but never had the time. I could learn MFC 🙂 and VC++ with some effort. (I do know MFC to an extent. But nothing commendable) There is no end to the things I can do. Oh, wait, did I forget to mention that I am lazy ? Yea, I am. Which means that I might end up doing none of the above and just put on an extra 5 kilos in 6 months eating an sleeping at home.

On second thoughts, I could probably do a course in something. Prepare for GATE maybe. We will have to wait and see…


19 thoughts on “December (or Later) is Definitely Bad

  1. I will be bored to death waiting for that long. I was already pitying my seniors who joined TCS and Wipro in Jan and Mar, respectively.All the while comforted by the fact that Infy religiously calls trainees in July/August.And now this.

  2. @Srividya,

    March ? That’s bad. If they sit long enough on the bench, we would be batchmates.

    Well, Infy could still call us early. Just keep your fingers crossed.

    But there must be a limit to the number of people they can accomodate in their training facility at a given point in time I guess.

  3. Most probably, Marc. I have got a couple of admits. However, there is the option of deferring admission by a year. It has to be approved and all, but still.
    Still undecided.

    Will wait for other admits and then make a final decision.

  4. @Srividya,

    For you folks, you can show the one year in Infy as relevant experience. So anything works fine. Plus GRE scores are valid for more than 2 years right ? (You will have to excuse my ignorance on the topic) So if you were to work in infy and re-aplly, I guess, your application would stand a better chance. Meaning, no reason you can’t get admits into the same college.

  5. I don’t have to reapply. I have already been admitted. I can defer my admission but they must be willing to accept the reason for my deferral.

    Btw, just because we work in an IT company it does not count towards relevant experience. In fact, these Universities are highly demanding. I have applied for MS in CS with specialization Computer Networks.So only if I have worked on projects in the above domain it counts as relevant experience. Not otherwise.

    Another problem one would face is that of LORs. Universities prefer recos from our academic supervisors over that of our workplace bosses. In colleges like ours, where the teachers don’t stay on for more than a year, it will be hard to manage 3 decent recos.

    All these have to be taken into consideration.

  6. In SRM, students write recommendations on behalf of the staff and the staff sign them at the end. You should come to a similar arrangement with our college. You know they can’t write one themselves for nuts.

  7. Obviously, Marc. I did draft the recos myself. All they did was sign. However, the issue is that the staff who taught us must stay on. If we come back after working for a couple of years, I am sure none of the current staff would even be there.

  8. @Srividya,

    Well, for how many years is the admission valid , can be deferred ? Because if it is one year and you are also planning on joining infy, then you might have to reapply in all probablility. Because Infy expects us to work for atleast a year after training. That could be another year and 6-10 months easily.

    There are ways of getting out I guess, like flunking the tests. But otherwise, they won’t let go of people that easily.

    As for the relevance, I’m sure you will agree that it(infy job) is more relevant to your course than say power electronics. 😛 Moreover, they could even have projects related to networks. You can check out their site and be persistent with the HR managers.

    Oh, and Damn, where am I going to get my recommendation letters from ? 😦 Sure as hell, no one in college is going to do it for me. Got to find some way out.


    That happens everywhere. Staff are (in general) inherently dumb. But then, some staff have to approve what you have written. They will not sign just like that.

  9. I don’t think that Infy will call us in December. Our seniors were called in June itself (If I am not wrong) but TCS called our seniors late. Infy used to be the only company to call students early. Hope we too get the same date or at least a month later.
    My dad also started asking about my back up plans. I don’t know what to do. GATE is boring. ME is of no use for CS/IT students (Well it is different if you do it in top colleges like IITs and NITs. But I won’t get in those colleges. My junior Gopalakrishnan will get NIT for sure as his rank is in some 900s. He said that he will get in NIT next year). Doing ME is AU or other colleges in TN is not that useful and I will most probably get a college that is in TN. I think I will try for CAT where the options are wide open with lot of streams and I have interest in few streams. I went through previous year CAT papers and the questions are good and if I concentrate more for Verbal section then I might stand a good chance. Lets see when Infy calls us. Hope they call us.

  10. @Vinod,

    Lets hope that we are called soon enough.

    M.E. in Anna University is totally useless. I have examples in my department (staff). You can start potti kadai instead. Seriously!!

    M.E in IIT by itself is considered not so great unless you have research interests.

    But the same applies for an MBA as well. All the best with CAT 🙂

    Oh, and I closed comments afterwards so that no one would answer there. Why would you want to comment ? 🙂 You can mail me the answer.

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