Mr.Optix – Thiruvanmiyur

Well , here’s free publicity and advertisement for this shop. (Well , not in the strictest of terms. Not those many people read my blog. πŸ™‚ )


This shop is just below Mercy Thiruvanmiyur. Well, why am I writing this post for no reason ? Well, there is a reason. (Read the post below this if you want some continuity to the story.)Β So, I went component shopping to Mercy and for a change got them in less than half an hour. Whoa!! Some record that.

So I decided to check out this shop just below Mercy. I wanted the cloth you use to clean your spectacles. So I enter the store, ask for one and ask how much. This lady hands me one and says ,”No charge”. I am like, what ? She said she could charge me if I bought the cleaning liquid or something and honestly I didn’t want it. I wanted 2 of these actually. But now that they gave it to me free of cost, I was not going to ask for one more. (I am a man of principles you see.) So, I just took the one cloth and walked out after thanking her. I was stunned because people in Chennai normally take you for a ride. I went in actually expecting to have to bargain till I got it for say 10 Rupees or slightly more. Now, I know these things don’t cost maybe more than 5 rupees or maybe even lesser, but you don’t expect anyone and particularly in Chennai to give you anything for free. There’s always strings attached.

So, I decided I am going to write a post on these guys as a token of thanks. Next time you want to buy optical related stuff, do give these people a visit. πŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Mr.Optix – Thiruvanmiyur

  1. Yeah indeed that cloth is cheap, so she would have gave to you for free, or may be on a second thought you are one smart looking guy, and its seems quite obvious to happen πŸ˜€

  2. @Marc,

    Yea, Bala told me as much. But does ‘they’ refer to this shop alone or all opticals in general ?


    ‘they’ is again ambiguous, but I am going to asshume/ushume (how do people manage to hiss while saying that ? πŸ˜› ) that it’s all shops in general.

    Lawrence and Mayo, here I come.


    Quite true. And I look that kind that can be cheated too. (Only the other day the Poorvika guy thought he could convince me that 13100 – 300 is 13000. πŸ™‚ )


    Cheap, Yes. Your alternate reasoning, No.

  3. @Marc,

    greatless ~ greatness.You must have meant my inherent large build. πŸ™‚ Hey, don’t make fun of me. I weigh just over a ton.

    Oh, and to test your rather improbable theory, I am going tomorrow to ask for a Ray-Ban.

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