Hand Stitched Custom Phone Cover – SE K810i

Well, this is the height of joblessness. I asked a couple of stores if they had a cover that would fit my phone and all of them seemed to have only those leather covers which serves no purpose really. (And I hate it when people put that pouch through their belts. Not very convenient if you ask me.) Thankfully, most of my trousers have a cell phone pouch inside the pocket so that your phone doesn’t fall out.

I am sure it’s available in some store somewhere. Maybe I should check out a few cell phone stores and also Odyssey and Mercy.

In the meantime , I thought I needed a cover for now. So I decided to make my own cover. After a bit of thinking over what material to use, I narrowed down to the cloth you get with your shades/spectacles. These are really soft and hence will not scratch you phone. I have a couple of them that came with my shades, but I was not going to use them. So I decided to go purchase it from a shop. Read about that in my next post.

Hand stitched Cell Phone Cover:

Firstly, I know it’s not great. Maybe it’s not even good. So save the ‘it looks lame’ comments.   

Anyway, here’s the end product. I stitched it myself (I learnt stitching when I was in boarding school. 🙂 )  and intentionally used a thread colour that stood out. (I did have the same matching shade of yellow thread as well. )  I wanted to use twine actually, but then didn’t find a big enough needle at home.

Cell Phone Pouch-01

Other Future Refinements:

Right now this is meant to protect the phone when it’s not in use from dust and scratches. Later on, I think I’ll add a window for the screen, the buttons and the camera. That way I can have it permanently on. Or, wait I could actually buy one by then. 😀 


5 thoughts on “Hand Stitched Custom Phone Cover – SE K810i

  1. @Marc,

    The Thin Red Line ? 😉 (There is one on the cover too.) But, yea my opening line reads “Well,this is the height of joblessness”


    It was more out of compulsion. No complaints though. As for what I post, as a thumb rule, I am normally jobless.




    Wasn’t that obvious ? 🙂

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