Bajaj Pulsar 220 New Advertisement – Pulsar Mania

Note on 25-Feb-2010: It’s nearly been two years since I wrote this post, and the advertisement still amazes me, still makes me want to go out there and ride hard. But in this time, the competition has changed – Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki have entered the Indian marrket with really good offerings. Not to take anything away from Bajaj, but these bikes are good.

If you are considering the P220, maybe you should also look at the Honda CBR 250R. (I myself own an Honda Unicorn CB Dazzler – fairly recently purchased.) Just saying. ๐Ÿ™‚


Bajajย Logo

Shankar, my junior in college had this video on his Orkut list of videos.ย  Awesome Bike!! Awesome video!! Awesome stunts!! Awesome Ad!!

Bajaj Pulsarย 200Pulsar220

(pic: Pulsar 200)ย ย  (pic: Pulsar 220)

Here’s the video:

Definitely Male and

Distinctly Ahead

I wanted to buy a Pulsar once I started earning, but then thinking about it, maybe I won’t buy anything. (For the salary I’ll get, I doubt if I can afford bikes and laptops and stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ )


57 thoughts on “Bajaj Pulsar 220 New Advertisement – Pulsar Mania

  1. @Sudharshan,

    Well, I think the fact that they are driving 220 cc bikes, makes it necessary that they wear helmets. Else, media will crucify them for the “irresponsible act”. I am equally upset. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe we can mail Bajaj and ask for the “making of ” video.


    Not enough to buy a pulsar. In 6 months maybe.

  2. @Vinod,

    I agree with you in part. The 200 looks better actually. I like the new 150 and 180 equally. But 220 isn’t all that bad looking either.

    Also, looks is highly subjective. There are people who think Harley Davidson’s and Bullet’s rock. (Not that they don’t. Just that I don’t like them compared to sleeker bikes)


    I guess it’s always a combination of looks and performance. However some biking enthusiasts do prefer performance over looks.

  3. @Marc,

    Cruisers, choppers. I never said they are racing bikes now, did I ?

    Nice bike. Must be 1000 cc .

    Oh, and wordpress restrictions. Sorry about that. Talk to Matt. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @ Aravindhan
    Many Indians prefer performance. Race bikes are not fit for our roads dude! Only performance matters here. Where will you drive at a speed of more than 100??? Only in few places (ECR, GST road after Tambaram and few other places only). Can you drive at that speed in the GST from tambaram to mount road? I doubt so). Our country roads are fit for bikes with 150c and below.
    @ karthik
    I too prefer the 200cc, 180cc and 150cc. This is not that bad but the older ones are better than this one. Apache has a great look compared to Pulsar.

  5. @Vinod,

    I hate Apache!! Looks wise, it is not all that bad. The posture is pathetic for tall people. Seriously!! For you it could be fine. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Apache looks like shit. Really ugly, especially from the front.

    By the way, mileage matters here. Not performance. Performance means speed and handling.

  7. @ Marc
    Whatever!! Mileage will be better with lesser cc bikes and sports bikes will never give good mileage. A bike is for traveling and I don’t know why ppl are so obsessed about the looks and other things ๐Ÿ˜€ Looks don’t matter to me that much maybe because I don’t like these bikes stuff that much. If any spelling mistake then don’t bother about that ๐Ÿ˜› and don’t say about my accidents and connect that with this thing. You were not near the incident and so there is no point in talking about it. ppl do fall under certain circumstances. I think I’ll have to put a post explaining why I fell down and whose fault was it.

  8. Vinod, why didn’t you buy a TVS Excel then? Awesome mileage.

    A bike should not look like an final year mechanical engineering project.

  9. @Marc,

    Do you know my friends’ friends (whom I don’t know) made a vehicle on a suitcase (with space enough to store stuff as well) so that you could sit and drive if you got bored carrying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I own PULSAR 150CC (analog model). It’s rocking, pick up as same at thetime I brought it. It is my younger brother who insisted me to go for it, or else i would have ended up with splendor ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks a ton for him.

    Cominh to the new PULSAR MANIA ad, I have no words to describe it. I watch it more than 30 times a day in my mobile alone. Don’t ask me how many times I wiatch it on-line. It’s the best for all time. No one would come up with such a kooooooooool ad in future. I LOVE MY PULSAR. Looking forward for the next bike in ROYAL PULSAR FAMILY. Let’s call it ROYAL PULSAR here after.

    Thank you for reading this big cooment.

  11. @Madhu,

    Ah, nice to know you own a Pulsar. Nice vehicle. But then, I didn’t like the Old pulsars with the Round dome. I like the Wolf Eyes lamps better. The old one looked too macho.

    The video does leve one speechless. And the music is equally well done. I am sure they will come up with other ads in future. Talking about ads, there was this previous pulsar ad where they drive through elevators and stuff which was just as cool.

  12. Hi friends!
    What I feel for Pulsar 220, being a great fan of it is what I want to share with you. Truely believing that it’s a cool and a funky bike basically made for the hunks but seeing Pulsar 220 from a bit technical view I would like to suggest that it is not so appealing and satisfying as it seems to be from a single look.Not a perfect bike at high speeds, not a bike as per our wishes.A good substitute I can suggest is KARIZMA…. believe me.
    (total cost on road for pulsar220 is somewhat Rs1,10,000)

  13. @siddhartha

    Dude dont post wrong info if u dont hav an idea…Pulsar 220 on raod prices vary frm 85K to 91K dependin on the city u are in…i personally bought if for 86K….nd for the record the bike iz awesome….better than ANY other indian bike….i hav seen them all nd ridden them all…..better than karizma both in terms of mileage nd performance…

  14. i personally dont hav any grudge wid HH guys….but all they seem to be doin these dayz is paint job…i mean karizma has been there for long time nd the only refinement that we hav seen is in the form of new stickers nd decals….its pathetic…time to invest some money in the R&D HH ppl….

  15. talking in terms of technology F-I is much more enchanced technology and provides much better throttle response and pickup ( beefs up the mileage too…but thats not the concern here as its purely a performace bike )….

  16. I own a p220,i think its the best bik for indian roads,karizma stand nowhr near to it,i myself touchd 139 on ma beast,my frnds who owns karizma,apache,p200 n r15 appreciated ma blue beauty,we had drag race last week,n franky spekin only r15 was able to keep jus bhind me the othr biks were no whr near to us,i am getting abt 30-35 kpl,bt performanc wis thr r no othr optns in india…

  17. @Karthick,
    Might we say, you love pulsar instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s nice to see someone who wants to wait till he earns before he buys himself a bike. Most kids these days take it for granted.

  18. I love 200 more than 220.200 has great look than has good mileage, great look and handling in indian sport bike class. i indeed that 220 is more powerfull than 200 (only in power).one and only one problem in 220 is its design.i think it can be solved by replacing its rear tire to 130 (like fz 16) size and an engine cover.

  19. the final stunt seemed doctored for sure if you replay it…how does the bike hold its stance in the air? Looks gr8 tho.:)

  20. Guys all of u sayin tht pulsar 220 doesnt have a goodlook but belive me i bought 220 new version widout doam it rockssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. that was the superb vedio i like pulsar very much bcoz it is sexy bike in the world which one (pulsar 220 S) only S not pulsar 220 F

  22. Pulsar 220 is the best-est bike i have ever own…… before this i was having pulsar 150 DTSI that was to rocking, but i still say … if u want speed, mileage, looks, and cheap in market then go for PULSAR 220…..

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