ORK – 03 Quiz Results


(ORK – Not FAQ afterall) 

Original Post: ORK – 03 Quiz

This is how ORK quizzes work.

  • I set questions and give a deadline.
  • Next I notify people about it
  • When no one answers (or a few people answer 🙂 thanks guys), I extend the deadline
  • When no one answers by the deadline either, I SCRAP the event 😉 (Meaning, I do not reveal the answers)

 I am a kanjoos/kanja (read miser and not to be confused with drugs or juice 😉 ) fellow. So I try extra hard to make questions that people can’t answer  all that easily. Well, if you find the answers though, you will probably see how silly it really is. Therein lies the rub. 😉

So, far no one has won any edition of ORK. 

This time, I forgot about ORK -03 myself, before Vinod mailed me his answers today. Thanks mate. So no deadline extensions this time. In keeping with tradition, ORK 3 answers shall not be revealed either.

Here are the scores:

1) Vinod 10/12 (You didn’t get any answer right. But then as they say, “participation is more important” 😉 )

2) Abhi 11.5/12 (One answer right and an early bird 0.5 points 😀 )

So, Abhi top scores this edition of ORK. (I am pleased I have him for a team mate.)


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