Sony Ericsson K810i

Well, I have almost decided on this phone. Now, I just need to find enough money to buy it. 😀

Here are some pics. I think red looks hot. (Noble Blue looks plain and nice)

SE K180i-01SE K180i-02SE K180i-03

SE K180i-04

SE K180i-05

SE K180i-06


26 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson K810i

  1. Yeah, red looks hot & different too. Noble blue as usual plain. My suggestion you can go for RED ( am not forcing, it’s upto you ).

  2. @Rachel, Surya,

    😦 😦 Sadly, RED is not available in India. SO I guess Noble Blue it is. Why won’t these buggers treat Indian market at par ?


    Me and geek ? No sire. I wouldn’t have been in this college if I were a geek. But honestly, a transparent body would indeed be cool. 😀

  3. Except for the body design, what else is different between K790, K800 and K810. i’m switching from a k800 to an 810 and i want to know if i’m getting anything extra except for the fact that it looks cooler, red or blue.

  4. @Clinton,

    The 790 and 800 are the same I guess. The 800 is available or slated for release only in the US.

    The 810i has 3G which you cannot use of you are in the US.

    I didn’t know 810i looks cooler than 800i. They are the exact same except for the front camera and 3G. I wouldn’t upgrade if I was you.

  5. Oh my gosh. this phone is amazing i love everything about it! haha i have one in noble blue and i prefer it to the red to be honest :). Love it!

  6. this fone is really amazing
    i want one like this
    i like the blackish one and the best thing about it is that it is more faster than 3G in terms of internet

  7. hi, iam going to buy a mobile, but i confusing with k790i and k810i which mobile to take, finally i taken k810i it is amazing & its faatures are more and good comparing to k790i……!

  8. hab euch alle lieb wer will mit mir zusammen sein coolle jungs kommt ann ich habe das handy und noch fünf wer ist 17 jahre alt sol kommen mich küssen hehe hab euch alle leib küssi schreibst zurück

  9. Hi. i really love this 4ne. Red looks cool in pics, but have not seen it here in Uganda EAST AFRICA…but i hope to get it very soon thru a friend who stays in Germany.

  10. @Hanekke,

    What’s stoping you from buying one ?


    Way to go.


    I like mine too. Would have liked wi-fi though.


    I am not so desperate. Thanks for the offer.


    How can it be more faster than 3G ?


    Yes, the 810 offers slightly better features. But not much over the 790.



    I thought 800 didn’t have the front cam and was forthe US market. (where connections are slower)


  11. hey u can see the photo keys on K810i so u can see on top of Bottons some signals Light i think so , so how can i activate it i dono tat can anyone help to activate it huh ?

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