Creative Zen – A Must Buy

I have already written in short about Creative Zen in a post earlier. (I am too lazy to link it. Use the search facility 😉 )

Features ?

Specifications ?

Why am I writing about it again ? Well, couple of reasons:

1) I actually saw it today for the first time and tried using all the facilities to an extent.

2) I was going to get one for myself, but then I might have to sacrifice it if I want my K801i

3) Some of my friends didn’t even know there is a player called Zen!! (Message: Read my Blog 🙂 )

My First Impression:

Saw Sricharan’s Zen today. Sricharan was/is my senior in/from college. Shiva’s batch-mate. Shiva also has a Zen, but either he treasures it a lot or didn’t want me to take a look. 😉 I am thoroughly impressed. Why ?

  • Comes in 2,4,8,16 and 32GB variants. 
  • It’s tiny.
  • It’s weightless.
  • It’s got an awesome screen. (For a tiny player, it sports a 2″ screen) 
  • Good sound quality.
  • Radio with 32 built in presets
  • Sound Recorder that works really well and
  • Lot’s more such as organiser, DivX and Xvid support…etc.

Here are some photos:




Creative guys, here’s something you should know:

” Your product rocks and kicks ass. People here in India love their mp3 players and are buying them like crazy. But thanks to your lacklustre marketing and to an extent callous attitude towards the Indian market, most people still think that IPOD and MP3 players are synonymous. If you have a good product, you still need to market it you know!!”

Same goes for Zune. Bloody hell!! Make it available in India and see how many people buy it. You will be surprised.

Bottom Line: MP3 players are for Indian markets too. Sell it here and we are ready to buy them.


11 thoughts on “Creative Zen – A Must Buy

  1. Good luck trying to buy the K801i.

    The Zen is ranked right after the iPod. I don’t like Apple’s products since they are overpriced and overhyped. And I don’t like Microsoft’s products because it’s Microsoft and no one wants to be associated with them (except fanboys like you).

    People in India refer to all MP3 players as iPods. Extremely annoying.

  2. @Marc,

    I think Zen is much better than Nano or Shuffle. Considering it falls under the same price range and solid state ofcourse, its a better buy.

    Zune is alright for a HDD player. I would prefer Zen to Zune solid state players. But Zen Vision M is not as hot as Zune 80 (I am not a fanboy)

    People in India will keep refering to MP3 players as Ipods as long as these other companies don’t start shop.

  3. @Vivek,

    I am sorry and I do like your player. It’s a nice little player with decent features. But please oh please, don’t say it’s good enough for you without having tried this baby. (If you are planning to buy one, contact me. I am the official agent for Chennai)

  4. @Vivek,

    I am replying to your comment more than a year afterwards. (My life has gone for a toss in between. Can’t say I have fully recovered yet.)

    Yes, I was kidding and in one of my lighter moods. And that’s a player, not a phone. You should consider replacing your old creative player 😉 (if you already haven’t)


    Sorry, but I am not in Chennai right now, and even if I was, I doubt if I’d know. As I said Creative didn’t look like it was taking the Indian market seriously.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are far too kind.

  5. Dude mine same Creative Zen 4GB has got problem that is while switch on it showing only rebuilding i had wait for long time since same problem and while connecting to computer its not recognizing also will u guide me please contact me on 9611758088

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