Infosys Prescribed Books

Well the other day I was talking to my friend about the last college working day and this is what my friend had to say “F*** yaar, we completed Engineering” Only then did it strike me and the realisation set in. Oh, yes college is over. Now I shall have to get up from 4 years of hibernation and start working for a change. 

And now that it is decided I shall mostly not be getting any other alternative job, it might actually be a good idea to take a look at the Infosys offer letter. So, I removed it from my locker (almirah) and finally read it.

It says we are expected to learn a few things before coming there and here is a list of stuff they expect us to learn. (For people who are not from a computer background. So, CS and IT guys already know these things I suppose.)

  • Fundamentals of Computers by V.Rajaraman , PHI
  • Operating Systems by Collins Ritchie, BPB Publications

  • C Programmingby Kernighan and Ritchie, Prentice Hall 


  • Fundamentals of Database Systems by Elmarsi, Navathe (3e),Addison Wesley

Fundamentals of Database Systems-01Fundamentals of Database Systems-02

  • Operating Systems Conceptsby Silberschatz and Galvin, Addison Wesly


 Here’s a useful link for the book mentioned above.


16 thoughts on “Infosys Prescribed Books

  1. 😉 That’s always there. You guys are supposed to have done this in your course itself.

    I wonder why they havent mentioned JAVA here. Isn’t JAVA going to be a major part of our training ?

  2. @Rachel,

    You can definitely memorise syntax and to an extent you have to. (Normally you are supposed to get used to it with practice) However, programming itself cannot be memorised. To be a good programmer, you need to have programmed on your own.

    And your title for me was derogatory in nature considering you attached the college name to it. So I am editing it. 🙂

    P.S: You will notice that any reference to our stupid college name is not tolerated on my blog. (Infact I need to add it to spam)

  3. haha that was good one dude, of you not tolerating our college name in your blog, i can feel how much your affected by this ****ing college ha. Yeah, i accept we gotta memorise syntax stuff, but i know few people who do the same with the program also.

  4. Well Karthik is right about memorising the syntax. I think you can’t survive if you don’t do that. It’s a kind of memorising 😛 We get used to it once we start doing the programs but if we lose touch then we might forget it. So we need to memorise it for sure to keep it in our mind for a long time. And about the books. I think even the CS/It students need to have a go through these books before coming to Infy training. Thats what I am going to do. The training will be tough this time. They will try to filter out as many as they can because the U.S. recession is affecting our market and IT industry like a tornado. So they will filter out many this time. I can’t take the risk. I will go through the books once before coming for training as I forgot many things that we learned in our syllabus in these four years (though I didn’t learn much which was useful but still I got few basic information that was good enough to help me out in few places). So I need to recollect all the things that I learned and also learn few new things. My bro wants me to learn about the Ajax technology 😦 So my summer holidays are going to be busted this time. I planned so many things for my summer but now it seems that almost everything is impossible. Noooooo 😦
    For the first time I am posting a comment this long. ROFL

  5. @Aravind,

    Nope. They don’t. They expect you to know stuff. IF you want to do it form some other source, you are welcome to. Do leave a word here. I’d love to know. Having said that, coding does require you to read up, you know.


    I must say, you are beating me at my own game. Typing really long comments (in my case, that no one reads. 🙂 )

    You will gather in Infy ofcourse. I don’t really know about Ajax. I think i’ll have my plate full, just with these books. Nothing extra for me.

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