Second Project Review Goes Well

Had my second project review yesterday. Went pretty much alright.

Preparing for the review:

Heard of eleventh hour ? Well, this is even worse. I got up at 6:10 in the morning and realised that I didn’t have a presentation. 😦 To make things worse, I was not even sure what I was going to present in this review. I am normally very clear about what I want done and how. So there I was sitting in front of this same monitor, groggy and clueless as to what I was doing. Then I pulled in a few slides form my first review and added some masala to it here and there. 🙂 By the time I finished the lame presentation, I realised that the time was 07:10. God!! My bus comes at 7:20. Hurriedly went had a bath, dressed up real quick and ran to my bus stop.

Missed the Bus:

The road seemed deserted. It seems the CM was going to go through the road and hence they asked everyone to stay of it. I was hoping my bus had been held up by it, but my stop mates had vanished 😦 So I knew there was no point in waiting for a bus that would never come. So I went and took a PTC bus. (Which I almost never do!! Normally when I miss my bus, I return home. But this was review you see. ) The bloody wretched conductor tells me it won’t stop at my college bus stop. So instead I buy a ticket to the nearest stop. I reached the stop alright at 7:55.

The long and agonising wait:

As I stood there waiting for a bus to take me to my college less than 5 kilometres away, Deluxe buses started pouring in. Not one, not two, not three but EIGHT freakin deluxe buses went by. Well, am I a miser who won’t pay for a deluxe bus ticket ? Of-course not. I could have paid 100 bucks to reach college on time. Thing is these DELUXE buses don’t stop in my college stop either. Grrrrrrrrrrrr So I was standing there fuming. Finally some bus came along which took me to my college by 8:55. Imagine!! 😦

The Review:

Ah, I have very little to say about the review itself. it went alright and I was not asked too many questions or anything. And I was able to show a bit of working of my hardware model. So, yea went pretty Ok.

The Journey Back:

Just when I was about to leave college, it started raining. We saw a deluxe bus coming our way and waved madly at it. Thankfully, he stopped and I came home all dry. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Second Project Review Goes Well

  1. They call it MCC but it’s Chennai. The names of companies are subject to change. The names of residential or educational institutions don’t.

  2. @Marc,

    Don’t crap based on a small subset of observations.

    And PTC and MTC have anything to do with name change of Chennai ? I doubt it.

    And, Residential institutions ?

  3. You are right about MTC being right and PTC being wrong/ the old name. I am not saying no to that. It’s just your explanation, that’s not satisfactory

  4. Well whats there if we use PTC???? Hehehe. Almost everyone one lives in Chennai (Madras) knows that PTC is MTC. ROFL. Even I use PTC instead of MTC almost every time. I forget that that it’s actually MTC. 😀

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