Finally…Some Headway On The Project Front

I have the Second review of my project this coming Thursday (day after tomorrow). I was getting really impatient with things in the last few days. Thing is I had claimed to have done a lot many things by my first review. Truth is, I had not. 😛 So for the last few days, I have been working on the modules of my project which I am supposed to have finished at-least one month before.

I somehow got a few things done the last week. However, a large chunk of the project was still remaining and unless I did it, I could not show anything for this review. Till yesterday I was kinda low about the whole thing. To be honest I thought I would not even complete it. (I still may not) But then I spoke to C Karthik and Pradeep Kanthan from Mechanical dept. yesterday and Karthik reassured me that he would help me out with the mechanical design. I have to thank him for his gesture. He hasn’t helped me out yet, but then at-least I felt positive about things.

I came back form college with a headache yesterday and couldn’t do much work. 😦 (read any work) So I decided to bunk college today and sit down and get some work done. The morning went well and I somehow managed to glue a few things together on the software front. However, I was having trouble with my motor. After trying for a while then a bit more, I gave up. Then I bugged Shiva and my brother on-line. Both were busy. After talking to both over chat, I decided to give it one more go. I was talking to Shiva about some dumb mistake I could have done, when I realised I had indeed done made another mistake just as dumb!! BRAVO I might have blown an IC (I somehow didn’t), but at-least I knew where the fault was. So , I reconnected it and things worked fine. The motor worked!! YEAH!! Am I pleased or what. Thanks to Shiva for putting up with me. 😛

Motor Rotates

I am awfully happy because I have stayed away from those thieving project centres and now I think I might actually complete my project.

2 thoughts on “Finally…Some Headway On The Project Front

  1. I agree with last few lines, “i am awfully happy……….. “. Your one studious guy. So no doubt, you’ll finish the project for sure man 😉

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