Last Day in College (Everything Official About It)

Well, I never write posts related to college normally. There are quite a few posts on AU, but not on college. I think it’s time to make an exception. Tomorrow would be the last working day (officially) of my 4 year Engineering course. Yea, we will later have to go for the exams and stuff. But no more sitting in the classroom. (We haven’t had classes for a while now) It’s hard to think straight in times like this. There’s always a mix of happiness and sadness (even if only a bit) involved.

Here’s probably a list of things ill miss doing:

  • Getting up in the morning and mindlessly running to the bus stop at around 7:20 A.M. I have always been in a good route. The bus from Besant Nagar used to be excellent in the first few semesters. Then it got crowded and to add to that OMR road construction began.I remember days when I had to run with shoes in hand 🙂 just so that I didn’t miss the bus. You see, I have this policy wherein I stay home if I miss the bus. Once missed a model exam for it and I came out clean when asked about it. (To the shock and astonishment of the staff in-charge.) I still remember taking a private bus in first year, not knowing the bus stop name and buying a ticket for Mahabalipuram. 🙂 I somehow managed to get down after seeing the college. Unfortunately the next stop was near Hindustan college and I had to walk all the way to college, Erwin Kreysig in one hand and drafter/ED charts in another. I did make it on time though. Decided to never take private buses after that.
  • Breakfasts in college mess:As bad as the college food is, my palette is used to it. I mean, I have been eating there for four years now. (Yea, I know I have no taste in food. 🙂 ) It’s not the food I will miss. It will be the discussions we had over breakfast. But then things changed as we progressed through years. From being an absolutely wonderful place with very little crowd where one could have discussions in the first year, to a crowded place in the second where one had to hunt for stools to using paper plates and all that in the third. I still like the well lit portion of the mess closest to the basketball court. Abhi used to come to the mess back then. So did a few seniors. (Rahul, Varun, Pankaj et all)
  • Lunch: Lunch (by lunch I mean the recess and not the food itself) used to again be good till they made two slots out of it. This way, I no longer got to see the guys who I normally had lunch with. 😦 It was alright for a while till my class dayscholars came along. Then that changed too. They took the smart option and opted out. 😀 And I was stuck alone. 
  • There are a few more things I’ll miss. Not going to put everything up here though. 😛

The worst thing about college is epitomised best by the boys’ mess probably, from a bright, well lit and airy place, it got duller and duller and more cramped.  I used to enjoy my first few semesters in college. It used to be kinda pleasant. I had come to terms with the fact that I had done abysmally badly in my board exams and that I would make best use of what I had. And I think semesters 1-5 were OK with semester 6 being bearable. The last year or so though, has been pathetic with a lame #uck for principal.

Things were OK for a while, before they started introducing the worst of schemes. Had some happy times, but I am just happy to be on the way out.

13 thoughts on “Last Day in College (Everything Official About It)

  1. I see you eating with us CSE guys many times and you don’t join us sometimes. But tomorrow morning i need you in our table in the morning, have lots of Mokkais to put. Hope you see this comment in a while or early in the morning.

  2. @Gowtham,

    Ah, yes. For almost a semester now. Earlier, I wouldn’t mind sitting in a table alone and eating, but then I guess it’s better to be around people you know. 😉 As for not joining you at times, I think I skip breakfast a few days. And as for me having supposed to have joined you today, sorry mate, I decided I’d skip the last day in college. 😀

  3. The mess used to be nice. Airy and bright. Then they closed off that section claiming it was for lecturers. WTF. Now it’s dark and unappealing.

    Getting to college in the morning is really horrible. And four years is too bloody long for a course.

  4. Actually, coming to college yesterday gave me a real bad headache. On top of that, I have a lot of work to do on the project front.

    Do you CSE guys have your tests from Wednesday to Fridy ?


    You sneaked in a comment for college ? Or did you bunk too ?

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