YARO – Yet Another Rip Off

Well, we know this for a while. Anu Malik is to Hindi what Deva is to Tamil. They shamelessly copy songs from English and not even ones that we would not have heard of. Whether they think the audience is so intellectually dull that it will go un-noticed or whether they are intellectually dull, is something that needs to debated on. (Well, actually not. I guess it’s both.)

So, I was not all that surprised when X* showed me a recorded song on mobile. Well, the recording was not clear and I have not heard the song before. The song was from a Tamil movie, which I later found to be Kadhalil Vizhunthen. The music director is one Vijay Antony. I am being very honest here. I have neither heard of this bloke nor the movie. So what’s the big deal about all this ? Well, X* tells me this song is lifted from some popular English track he has heard before, but is not sure which one. Meanwhile, X* had trouble finding out which movie this song belonged to. He had recorded it on his mobile from a radio nearby I guess. X* however later on determinedly found out the song, the movie name and the music director, which I have written here.

Now, the Song is called Unakkena Naan. The female singer is Ramya and guess who lends the male voice ? The plagiarist himself. (Well, I am hoping he didn’t take permission/rights from the original artiste, in calling him that.)

Here’s the Song for you:

Unakkena Naan

I am going to have a quiz here and ask people to name the real song. (You should note here that X* was also successful in finding the actual song by the original artiste. To be honest again, it’s a song I have not heard of. The artist I have heard of.) We even played the two songs together (on two players) and they seemed to sync for most part. (For the originality of the last 5 odd seconds, I give credit to the music director.)

The Original Song:

Shiva and Marc, both got the original song and the artiste right. It is Unfaithful by Rihanna. To think he copied straight form that song, pity.

Vijay Antony’s Site:

Vijay Antony

What’s comic about the whole issue is, this is what his Biography on his site had to say:

Vijay Antony-the man who impels to do something different repeatedly is back again with his best foot forward to ascertain his note-worthy versatility and uniqueness in whatever he does.

Other note-worthy things about his website,

  • It says under construction on the home page, yet has almost all the data
  • There’s an annoying song playing on the background and there’s no way to turn the music OFF. Grrr…


Note: X*’s name has been withheld on request. 😉


13 thoughts on “YARO – Yet Another Rip Off

  1. It sounded familiar but I couldn’t identify the song (pop is not my thing). So I used my secret program that can find the name of the artist from the music alone and it was Rihanna – Unfaithul. Bloody rip off.

  2. @Shivak7,

    Full Marks for the quiz. It is indeed Rihanna’s Unfaithful.


    It is Rihanna’s Unfaithful indeed. I am interested in this secret program of yours. 😉

  3. ya these plaigiarists suck big time. Get down get down ..
    anbe anbe


    thenisai thendral deva
    courtesy-back street boys


  4. @Indian,

    True. But The link I have given above suggests that Vijay Antony did not want his name assoiated with this song. If that is indeed that case, I take my comments against him back.


    If there is one.

  5. Then how do you think I found out what song it was? You know I don’t listen to pop that much. And your reverse psychology won’t work in getting me to reveal the tool I used.

  6. @Marc,

    There are three ways you could have found out about the original artiste
    1) a Google search would reveal as much.
    2) The comment just before you
    3) Just in case you used a software, I guess downloading the song and asking your music player to auto-complete the details by sending a portion of the song would work in this case. The music is exactly the same.

  7. Dude, if I had used the first two methods I would have just said so.

    No. 3 is the feature we are talking about here. It’s not a music player though.

  8. When i first heard the song, i was shocked as well. Rihanna being a personal favorite, i couldn’t digest this! So i came up with a post. Guess what? Vijay Antony himself has commented on my blog saying he’s innocent. He says he hasn’t composed the song but someone else has.Well, from what i know about the issue, the director was the one who forced Mr Antony into doing something like this. I am not sure though. I read this statement somewhere but i dont remember where.

    Here’s his comment: http://thevoiceswith.in/2008/08/and-the-oscar-goes-to-vijay-antony/#comment-75

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