Sachin Tendulkar Silences,Snubs & Tames The Aussie Bullies


A lot of thought went into the title. It’s probably not sensational, but I think it’s pretty appropriate. What’s important is,  India wins first final of the three commonwealth bank series.

The Australian Cricketers have been talking a lot of late and one must say they are getting better at it. Be it sledging or accusing opponent players of fabricated charges. They have been acting total losers. And today’s match proved just that. They are losers!!


Well, one might think I am talking a tad too soon. There are two more finals and Aussies could win both of them. So be it. I don’t really care. After doing all the talking they should be ashamed of losing the match. The Indian bunch have remained silent during the ODI series. Today they let their performance talk and snubbed the Aussie Bullies.

Sachin was splendid. He played with a level head and patiently. He took beamers from Lee (accidental mate ? ), verbal volleys from people around the stumps and yet came out triumphant. Rohit Sharma did well to keep him company and played equally well. Way to go India!! Now, lets win the next one too and teach the Aussies to keep their trap shut.

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8 thoughts on “Sachin Tendulkar Silences,Snubs & Tames The Aussie Bullies

  1. I beleive all cricketers must learn from sachin. He has been so calm all these years.
    one could see how he kept silence after he met a beemer from lee. Wat will aussies do if bhajji bowl a beemer to symonds? Again a complaint to icc? Well, at the end of this series aussies will know whos d best.

  2. @Hari,

    You are right. Sachin is a role model not only for his skills with the bat, but also for his composure on and off the field.

    As for Bhajji bowling a beamer (it actually can happen), the Aussies will be braying for blood and there will be blood. 🙂 (Even if it’s in the form of ICC bans and that sort of thing.)


    True. Sachin might retire from ODI’s soon , though.

  3. @Aravindhan,

    I don’t know about retirement. I was actually not OK with Dhoni and his “My Team” comments the other day after the match. If it weren’t for Sachin, I think the Series result could have been totally different.

    But Sachin will have to go sometime in the near future. Having said that, he’s playing like magic these days.

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