Effin FanBox

I got these mails on my gmail id this morning. 3 mails inside a minute. Now I immediately knew it was some scam. They want me to give them my mail id and password, so that they can not only mail all my friends and make it look like it’s actually a safe site, but also take over my mail id. Go eff yourself you losers. A word of caution for users though. DON’T CLICK ON ANY LINKS YOU GET FROM FANBOX. JUST REPORT THESE MAILS AS SPAM.

What I am wondering is, how on earth did they get hold of just my e-mail id ? Or have other people also been getting this ? Read more about this here.


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3 thoughts on “Effin FanBox

  1. yeah ive been getting that all the time…and here is the solution (its a copy-paste from my reply on spamhunters :P)
    I found a way how to deactivate it (sorry if this is already posted…)
    Anyways, when you recieve one of those Question It mails, on the bottom there is a miniature link in this sentence:
    This email was sent by Katie Robinson while using the Question It application on FanBox. Go here to learn more or stop receiving emails from friends using Question It. FanBox: 255 G Street #723, San Diego, CA 92101, USA

    When u click on here in the sentence it leads you to the page where you can deactivate all those emails (i sure hopes it works!)
    After that, you can deactivate the account by choosing Account status
    I chose other and wrote that i Hate them (LoL)
    Then clicked on Deactivate my account
    i really, really hope it works!!
    I hope i helped a bit

  2. Here’s what I do with every SPAM I receive from SPAMbox:

    1. Report it to phishtank.com, since they are actually trying to phish your passwords
    2. Post a blog about the SPAM I received
    3. MARK it as SPAM/JUNK

    Thanks for helping to spread the word about SPAMbox! 😛

  3. @Jaredude,

    I mark it as spam. But then it is really annoying.

    It’s sad to think how many people fall for such things.

    Yaari, Desktopdating and a few other sites are similar. (Even if they don’t try and steal paswords, they send bulk mail to everyone on your friends list without consent.)

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