Helmet Theft/Exchange

This happened to me today. I had gone shopping and left my helmet in the place earmarked for that. After shopping when I came back to find my helmet, I could not find it. Instead on the rack I found another helmet of the same brand, only much older and uglier. (His also had some ugly stuff written on the back and had tinted glass) Now, on the way back home I did not even want to wear this helmet. The shopkeeper did not want to take responsibility either and had not noticed who took the helmet. (Wow!!)

Formula HP

Now whether the person mistook it for his helmet by accident or purposely took my new helmet, I do not know. I however left my phone number with the shopkeeper just in case this guy comes along and honestly returns the helmet.

I have decided that the person who took my helmet is either (a) really dumb for having mistaken my new helmet for his old helmet (I would say brain dead if he does not return the helmet) or he is (b) a proper thief (I shall use better and filthier language if I am  not contacted in a few days)


10 thoughts on “Helmet Theft/Exchange

  1. Haha, definetly i guess you gotta use filthier languages. Don’t even dream of getting back, but if you get then no words to explain the one who took it.

    Your template is cool man.

  2. @Rachel,

    I guess even I don’t hope it will be returned. Even if it was an honest mistake, probably this guy went home and said, “Wow, new helmet.”, then laughed a bit visualising the person whose helmet it was, and then said “Ok, now I am not going all the way back and returning this.”

  3. Yes, I think I know it 😦 I am just hoping against hope that the person who stole/mistook it (for his) will have the decency and return it. I have returned a couple of wallets right here in India, even if I asked them to come to my flats to collect it.

  4. Come on yaar, only very few will be too honest like you. As said this is India , he would’ve been waiting for a chance like this.

  5. Yeah guys don break his hope karthik you will get your helmet back…..

    I think u made a shopping at a exchange mela shop that’s why the cunt exchanged your helmet….LOL….

  6. @Rachel,

    That I will ever get the helmet back is now not probable. It’s been thee days. 😦


    I hope so too, but then my hopes are fading real quick.

  7. At least you got another helmet instead. But in my case, i went to Kamal stores( a famous stationery shop in Adyar) to buy something in a urgent, left my helmet hanging in the rear view mirror and came back in a minute or so and it was missing 😡

  8. @Rachel,

    I guess I should forget my old helmet. But then, this bloody helmet is even one size smaller. 😦 Doesn’t even fit me right!! Now everytime I wear this or look at it even, Ill be reminded of MY helmet


    Ah, you must stay close by then. I stay in Thiruvanmiyur myself. But, in your case, it was neglect on your side. Sorry about it though.

    In my case, I put the helmet in the place where they asked me to leave the helmets. I didn’t leave it lying around somewhere. I think the shop guys should take responsibility.

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