Matthew Hayden – An Obnoxious Criminal Seed

Matt Hayden-01

(Pic: Hayden has his middle stick uprooted. OUCH!!) 

That’s right. Matthew Hayden is an obnoxious Criminal seed. Son or Grandson or Great-grandson to some of the most notorious rapists and murderers in Britain who were dumped in Australia. Here, he comments about Harbhajan being an obnoxious little weed. Much better than your lineage mate.

The 37 year old is almost a grandpa in cricket circles. Aren’t the old supposed to be wise ? Grow up Matty.

Wiki says: Hayden is a devout Roman Catholic and says “When I’m in trouble, I ask: ‘What would Christ do?'”

I say: Hayden is a devout sledger and says “When I’m in trouble, I ask: “How do I target Bhajji and make him look bad?’ “

Now, stop all this shit and play cricket!! Now, wait. He should be banned from cricket in my opinion. Not because of the nature of his comments here. But because, this has been going on forever now. He should atleast not be allowed to play in IPL on Indian soil after having the balls to make such remarks,that too in the media.