Playing with themes

Well, I think I take a look at my blog at-least once a day be it for writing a post or to respond to other peoples’ comments. And I am tired of looking at the same theme everyday. The theme I was using was probably not as good as I wanted it to be. But having said that, there are very few “flexible width” (you will notice that with “fixed width” themes, the pictures get cropped if they are too big for the column)themes to choose from and the one I was using was in my opinions the best one I could have chosen. (I am not complaining here. Merely stating the fact)

So, I am going to experiment with a few themes for a while. However, during this period, some of the pictures on my blog will appear chopped. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I don’t suppose I can sit and change all the pictures from all of my previous posts to thumbnails. (Especially since I might revert back to the old theme.) If you think a certain theme is better than the theme I was previously using,(Rubric) then you are welcome to comment. Do include the theme name in your comments. That way, Ill know which theme is good.

Themes Used:

Previously: Rubric

Current01: ChaoticSoul

7 thoughts on “Playing with themes

  1. @Marc,

    I somehow got annoyed of looking at the same white background. Looked too plain. However, this is only stop gap. I shall be playing with more themes šŸ˜› So, maybe in a day or two, we will revert back to a lighter theme. (I actually like this theme a bit, though)

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