Saarang08 – Creative Writing Entry-Part 02

Now Coming to the entry itself. I must say that it was pretty sad. Further we were allowed to submit three entries with each of the scores adding up. I however was not in the mood to write more than one. So even before I gave in my entry, I knew that in-spite of my shrewd calculations, I would not make it through.

The entry:

Sachin was finding it hard. Just flapping his eyelids was getting hard. He felt like he had been drugged. It was hard even breathing. His heart was beating unusually fast. Was this a dream ? What was really happening ? He stayed there, lying like a wax statue at Madame Tussands’. There was a searing pain in his head like a laser was cutting it.

He tried hard remembering what had happened in the last few minutes. It might even have been days. He wasn’t sure. He tried making his brain send magicsignals. The nerves and dendrites must listen!! Else this might take infinite time. He was at-least glad he knew his mathematics. This lightened his anxiety. With a little luck he might even get up.

Then he tried remembering where he was and why he was there at all. He suddenly felt a sickening pain in his gut. He was sweating. It felt like being trapped in a spiders web with butter spread-a ready meal.

His head seemed like clearing after what seemed like perpetuity. His heard cheering and his eyes were blinded by light. His heart beat was getting alright. Then everything cleared up in his head. It wasn’t a dream alright. He was in the cricket pitch, just hit by a Brett Lee beamer. Thankfully his helmet had taken the hit and he was still there in the middle. And that’s all that really matters. 

I know it’s something you want to laugh at. 🙂 Honestly even I think I goofed it up bad. As it turned out, following constraint 10 crippled my writing.


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