Saarang08 – Creative Writing Entry-Part 01

I had Promised to upload my entry for the Creative Writing event of Saarang08 in my earlier post Chronicles of me MIA: Part 01. I somehow never found the time all this while. Finally I am jobless again. (Not really. I am jobless by choice actually.)

I had to tear-off one side of the rules and hand it out along with my entry. So I don’t have that with me. 😦 I have another side though. If I remember rightly, the first page of the rules said something to the effect of on what scale you would be evaluated for picking a certain type of article. For Instance if it was a Newspaper article, you would be rated on a scale of 1- 10. For a play you would be rated on a scale of 1 -15. and so on.

Once rated on the scale, your score would be multiplied by the points you get for following certain constraints. Which constraints you wanted to follow was left to you and you were allowed to club more than one constraint together. (multiplier would then be cumulative of individual points)

I present the list of constraints here:

0. Your entry must be creative, just like this rule (1 point)

1. Your entry must be in less than 400 words.(2 points)

2. Your entry must start with the words: (4 points)

(i) It crashed without making a sound. So, naturally, no one noticed it falling…”

(ii) There were ten years to make up for…

(iii) All around, there was darkness…

3. Your entry must end with the words: (4 points)

(i) “And no one saw it again.”

(ii) “And so it began.”

(iii) ….that’s all that really matters.

(iv) …happiness is a choice.

4. your entry must contain 5 words of your own creation which must be either introduced to the reader within the entry itself or be self explanatory. (5 points)

5. Your entry must be in standard iambic pentameter. (5 points)

6. Your entry must contain a sentence that repeats itself at least 5 times in the entry. (10 points)

7. Your entry must be written in a shape that describes the theme of the entry. (15 points)

8. Your entry must contain at least 10 words from this list: (20 points)

 magic, prize, mathematics, butter, perpetuity, masquerade, heart, wax, dream, luck, yellow, laser, web, rumination, ministry, card

9. Your entry must be such that the first letters of every sentence/line spells out a message. (30 points)

10. Your entry must not contain the letter ‘o’ (50 points) 

Choice of constraints:

I am the greedy type and as soon as I saw constraint 10, I knew that was actually going to be the theme of my entry. We were actually warned that the constraints did not matter if the article was not creative enough. But having been in engineering for 4 years, when it comes to making trade-offs between creativity and a higher multiplier, we choose the > multiplier obviously.

I would automatically qualify for the constraint 0. I also knew I could manage 1. Now constraint 2 could not be managed without breaking constraint 10. So that had to go. I could follow (iii) of constraint 3 and not any other. So that was an automatic choice. I did not have patience and must concede I guess the skill too to stick to 4. 5 didn’t somehow suit my format. (I was writing a short story and not a poem) I was once again not patient enough/skilled enough to follow 6. I asked the co-od if 7 meant I need to put my writing in a physical form and he seemed to think that was funny. * I did follow. 9 I was once again not patient/skilled enough to follow it.

The article follows in the next post to make it readable.

2 thoughts on “Saarang08 – Creative Writing Entry-Part 01

  1. @Terry,

    Nice to have you on my blog. I am just an amateur or maybe even less at creative writing. My entry is published right above this one on the home page. I am anyway pasting the link here, for your convenience.

    One thing I would like to state here is the fact that, this being a contest entry, we were given limited time. Maybe with more time, I could have edited the post and made it look a touch better. 😛

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