Shiva’s got a blog

Shiva, my friend and senior from college finally has a blog. It’s called NEURON. You can check the link on my blogroll or here. He has contributed a couple of posts to my blog earlier and is the “Shi” part of the Shimaka Quizzes 😉 .

I don’t want to sound flattery, but if you need reasons to read his blog, I think he is better than me at almost everything I can think of. (normally I don’t think that of everyone and even if I do, I don’t say it out.) So if you are on my blog, it would mean it makes more sense to read his blog. 😀 While you are there, you might also find interesting information. One sad thing though. He is not as jobless as I am and hence might not write as often.

He has his own self-hosted ftp site too. (Link again on my blogroll under Shivakesavan)

Happy reading.


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