Ametros – IT Dept. Symposium

Impulse, the CSE department Symposium just concluded a couple of weeks back. Next up is the IT Symposium. Christened Ametros (2k8) the symposium falls this Friday. That would be the 22nd of February.

You can check the website here:


The Quiz is being done by Abhi. (My current Quiz partner) It’s going to be 5 fun filled rounds with 7 teams qualifying for the finals and 2 being eliminated at the end of round 2. The questions are expected to be mostly General. If anything, we should have technical trivia. So irrespective of your course/department, you are invited to the quiz. If you consider yourself a quiz buff, then this is one event you don’t want to give a miss. If you happen to be in our college, then there should be audience prizes up for grabs. So don’t miss it. 🙂

I hear there are going to be PERSONAL COMPUTERS for first places in the events Paper Presentation, Programming and Code Debugging.

3 thoughts on “Ametros – IT Dept. Symposium

  1. @Marc,

    True. The site does not have much information. But atleast bare essentials are there and there are no advertisements and marquees with smileys. As for the quiz, what you might have heard (from Abhi himself) is not totally true. Else he wudn’t have been so candid about it.

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