Yet another trip to Coimbatore

I last went to Coimbatore on 31st of January after almost three years. The place is changing, but I atleast knew my way around town.  I am once again travelling tonight. 🙂 Shall be gone for two days and will be back on the 17th evening.

For a change, I got a seat that’s quite far from both the toilets!! Ah, it’s about time. By some luck, even on the way back, my seat is again far from both the toliets. 😀 I am really thankful. Now I am hoping for good looking co-passengers. It would be nice if I got to choose my co-passenger 😉 . But that’s not how it works now, is it ? Oh, and today also happens to be Valentines day. Maybe I’ll have a fling on the train 😉 

Now, I better run along and pack my stuff.


3 thoughts on “Yet another trip to Coimbatore

  1. @Marc,

    The weather is still better than Chennai. But then I must agree that it has become much hotter then it used to be.


    Thanks, 😉 but then nothing interesting happened on the train. 😦

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