Dynamic Orkut Friend List- Or Just Another Bug ?

Ok, I have been noticing this for a while now. The number of friends displayed on my Orkut “my friends” keeps changing. First I thought someone was mighty pissed with me and removed me from the friend list and that made perfect sense. But then, it reappeared again. And it keeps changing. I haven’t noticed it for the past couple of days though. I took a few screen-shots. See for yourself:


The pictures shows the  number of friends as 110,111 and 112 respectively. Did anyone else observe this at all ? I guess the orkut guys must have fixed the bugs by now. Oh, and BTW, Orkut has added a lot of new features so that you can waste more time 😉 . More on that later.


9 thoughts on “Dynamic Orkut Friend List- Or Just Another Bug ?

  1. @Nameera,

    Ah yes, that and that alone could have been the sole aim of this article. Plus 110 is definitely a huge number to boast of. How India is still not developed with such brilliant people in the ranks, I never understand.

  2. @Harini,

    Welcome. I believe you came here through Hari’s blog.

    Yes, Orkut has a few bugs. I am sure lots of people have observed similar things. Of those, only I am jobless enough to actually write on it. 🙂

  3. Hi Karthik,

    Thanks for sharing your views. I am facing this problem today.

    What is worse is that I am unable to figure out which one friend is less in my friends list. Does anyone know how to figure out which friend was there in my friends list yesterday and is not there today?

  4. Karthik is absolutely right. I’m facing the same issues now. And i also find that the scraps written by the missing people are gone from my scrap book. It’s weird 😦

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