Where is the time ?

Suddenly I am finding myself short of time.  Something that never happens to me normally. It’s been a while since I posted regularly on my blog now. First, there is this final year project on which I am just getting started. So that’s taking some time. Then there’s a bit of quizzing and some symposiums coming up. I have also been watching movies on and off.

I have been postponing some of my posts for weeks now. I could actually go on and write them now. But then have other things to do 😦 I didn’t even go to the MIT Intecho quiz today. (Thanks to Vinod though for letting me know about it. It’s a pity then that I couldn’t make it.) God, please give me more time and make me sleep less please. 😀


2 thoughts on “Where is the time ?

  1. @Aravindhan,

    🙂 Well in this case it’s not greed. I don’t even have any monetary benefits out of this. It’s just that I don’t have enough time to pursue all my interests. (As I said, maybe I should try sleeping less.)

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