Chronicles of me MIA: Part 02


January 27th:

Well I have no recollection whatsoever as to what I did on this Sunday. I remember that I was supposed to go to Saarang. But then we dropped the plan. Also my college Alumni Meet was slated for this day. I conveniently missed that as well. I think I stayed home and slept a lot. I might have taken a walk in the evening.

January 28th:

Ah, had to go to college. But then there were no classes. We had a symposium coming up soon (In about two days time.) and were supposed to be working on it. I was not involved with any particular event. So had nothing to do. Then I got bored so went to the lab where a lot was going on. Games were being installed and they had some issues. So I decided to help my friends Jeyanth and Naveen with installation as we were men short. Mani from third year was also helping with installation. We finished Installing NFS Underground 2. After that we played it on LAN for some time. I won most of the games. (Not a big deal considering I drive a lot of NFS at home.) We had to do things like transfer RAMs from one machine to another as we have PC’s with 256MB RAM. So we made it 512 and the game ran alright. I think we started with installing Counter Strike:CZ as well. More than anything most computers had viruses and hence we were having trouble with that.

January 29th:

Another day in college where everyone seemed to be busy doing something or the other. 🙂 That’s how days before some important event works. Everyone wants to be seen as busy. Even I made myself look busy by making a few trips to the urinal. I tried my best to look active , but then slept for a while in my class. After a while, I again went to the lab where we once again set CS:CZ up and started playing against each other. I am not particularly good at CS, and hence was fragged quite a few times. Naveen was playing particularly well. We decided to pack up at around 15:30 and I left home.

January 30th:

The day our symposium was to be held. I skipped college since somewhere in the past two days, I had received an intimation from PSG stating that my paper had made it to the final round and I was expected to present it. So I booked the train for 30th night after consultation with Vibu. The plan was to go there on 31st, hang out with my friends for a day and attend my event on 1st. The whole day was spent with paper to an extent and packing for most of the other part. I finally had everything I needed and left home at around 20:30. The train was at 22:20 , but didn’t want to take any chances. Boarded a bus from the Thiruvanmiyur bus depot and reached the station about an hour from then. By 22:00 I was already in my seat on the train. Then I just let people in CBE know that I am coming and people here that I am leaving.

to be continued…



6 thoughts on “Chronicles of me MIA: Part 02

  1. Don’t make fun of Jeyanth and Naveen just because they are short.

    You do not get fragged in CS. You get killed.

    You were just looking for a chance to go to Coimbatore, weren’t you?

  2. @Marc,

    Jeyanth and Naveen are not short :). They were just short of man power on the said day.

    I must have picked up “fragged” out of watching Quake the other day in your lab. Frag is technically wrong I guess.

    And yes, I was just looking for a chance to go to Coimbatore. It’s been too darn long. 3 years approx. I might go again soon. 😀

  3. 256 MB RAM should be enough for anyone. Did they bleat while you were transferring them?

    Coimbatore is a pretty neat place. I remember being there in the last year. Was it with you, Marc?

  4. @George,

    We installed NFS UG2 as well and 256 wasn’t enough. In the end UG2 was held for the symposium I heard.

    Coimbatore is a pretty nice place. But more than anything, I did all of my schooling there. So lots of friends and lots of fond memories.

  5. @Marc,

    yes, even I noticed this time that it’s become much hotter. But, it’s definitely not as hot and humid as Chennai. But earlier, it never used to be hot in Jan/Feb. Freakin Global Warming 😀

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