Chronicles of me MIA: Part 01

In the days after 22nd of January, I was doing a lot of things. There was Saarang coming up, Kurukshetra was also sometime soon, and Odyssey quiz was around the same time. Here’s a short account from my memory as to what all happened in the last two weeks or so*:

23rd January:

After having attended the IT Symposium at MSEC the previous day, I was down with a slight fever and cold. So the whole of the daym I remember resting and doing nothing more. I seem to have written a post on 23rd. Must have been late evening after I woke up. I also remember going to Odyssey and Cafe Coffee Day to ask for tickets for the Choreo Nite, which they told me had been sold out. Only the Rock Show tickets remained.

Also, on 23rd night, I received a mail form PSG guys that my paper abstract had been shortlisted for Kriya and I was expected to send in my paper latest by 25th. As pleasantly surprised as I was, this was going to throw my plans in disarray. The plan was to attend Saarang on almost all days as this would be the last year I would be able to attend it as a student. I didn’t actually want to go to IIT the next day, but I had already dragged other people into my plans and it wouldn’t have been very decent to cancel on it. So the plan was to go to IIT and come back late afternoon.

24th January:

I went to IIT for Saarang 08. A couple of days before this I remember sending my entry for the Saarang Online Quiz 02. The results of which was never announced (nor the answers for that matter. I shall be posting the answers soon on my blog for the benefit of the quizzing society. 😉 ). Ah, what a wonderful way to conduct online events.

The plan was to meet up Marc (who somehow never showed up or showed up and didn’t bother to call me, or as he claims stored my number wrong.) Shiva had also agreed to meet me in IIT. He was pretty pissed off when I told him that I had still not left home by 10:00. I finally went to IIT slightly after 10:00 and met up Shiva in the Creative Writing venue. I even gave an entry for Creative Writing. (Again something I shall be putting up on my blog along with the rules later.) Thing was we were permitted 4 entries and the score of each entry would be added. Since I gave in only one entry I was sure as hell that it wouldn’t make it. Plus I am not so sure that it was all that creative.

We missed the Buzzer Quiz because of the Creative Writing. I tried the daily Crossie and the daily Quiz as the Creative Writing was going on and wasn’t able to get those many. For someone who considers himself a crossword buff, I think I suck at it. Thankfully, I did get a few answers right. Next up was the actual Crossie. We went in an hour late and by the time we went in, people had already cracked the full Crossie. So we left in something like half an hour. By then we knew that we stood no chance in hell of making it to the Crossie finals. (Not even by fluke. 😀 )

We did give the Cluedo prelims a try and did pretty well too. We screwed up a question or two, but that’s ok. Thing is, other teams did much better and hence qualified. By onw I was weary and tired. Also, I had a paper to complete. So we decided to give the India Quiz a miss and leave home. 

I came back home and started typing in some crap on a MS Word document. I remember sitting with it till late night and finally giving up and going to sleep.

25th January:

All I remember is trying to work on my paper and sending it in on time. I must have worked on it all day I guess. Typing out crap first and then editing it to make it look much less like crap and more like a paper. I sent in the entry finally at around 23:30. Another half and hour and my entry would have been rejected. I wasn’t fully satisfied with the paper. but what was done was done and it would have to do for now.

26th January:

Don’t really remember what I did in the morning. Around afternoon I left for the Odyssey Quiz. Madhusudan (Another of my college seniors who is currently with TCS.) was supposed to meet me opposite Birla Planetarium. I did not know the route to Music Academy. From Birla, I followed him upto Music Academy. We met Shiva in a while and chatted up for a while. We were lucky to get seats, even if it was in the Balcony and the seats were quite cramped. Actually it was pretty empty compared to Landmark quiz.

We gave the prelims and as always I screwed up the answers to many a question even if my teammates knew the right answer 😛 . I am happy to be alive. I did this with about 5 questions I think. (Answered wrong when we knew the right answer.) So we ended up doing the prelims pretty badly.

We did see the finals and some pretty regular teams were on stage. Sundar and Vinod won the best team name prize which was cool. We left the finals even before it got over and left home.

more to follow…….

* – May not be very accurate. My memory is quite bad and I conveniently forget lot’s of things. If you notice any such thing you can bring it to my notice.

8 thoughts on “Chronicles of me MIA: Part 01

  1. Ha ha Marc, very funny.

    Karthik, I was at Cluedo too! You may have seen me, we were sitting on the left of the ramp right at the end of the stairs, and we were talking about how Jesus was the criminal. Maybe you saw us, maybe not.

    Congrats on the paper, good luck.

  2. @George,

    I did not see you in cluedo. Else, I’d have said hi i guess. 🙂 Did you see me though ? Actually I was seated somewhere near the top left myself.

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