Audience Prize @IMPULSE Quiz

I went to college today after a gap of about a week. Today was the Computer Science Department’s Symposium- IMPULSE 2008. I didn’t plan on going there until the quiz final. The quiz was to be conducted by Vinod from CSE department – an avid quizzer and a good friend. So the plan was to bunk classes and go to the quiz finals. 

I went to the quiz finals a touch late. The first round was already going on and Shivakumar was conducting it. A few familiar teams were on stage. First there was Sundarand team from MNM, then Hari and team from SSN, and also Kicha and Harish from Sairam (I think). The second round was done by Vinod and the third round by another 3rd year guy whose name I do not know.

I thought three rounds were a little bit on the lower side, but Sundar tells me it’s pretty standard. But a lot of effort goes into these quizzes and its always easy to say the questions were too less. 🙂 While I was at the quiz, I managed to answer a couple of audience questions. Got a couple of audience prizes for it. Unfortunately both were the same book ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ by James Joyce. (It’s supposed to be a good book .Read up about it here)Knew a few other questions too, but the teams were pretty good. There was a team from CEG and also one from MIT. Shivakumar didn’t gimme the vouchers though 😦 (But thanks for the books nevertheless.)

Mock Interview:

I went near the gaming arena next (after attending to some work in the library). Spotted Sarin in the next room where the mock interview was going on. Some couple of staff and Marc were conducting the mock interview. Marcwas torturing this guy with all sorts of questions about web browsers and linux variants and difference between C and C++. The guy seemed ok with his answers. Finally I said I’d better leave before they mistake me for a participant and start asking me questions.


Gaming was where everything was happening. Quake 3 was going on and here I saw Kishore, Pradeep, a couple of people from other colleges who are Pradeeps friends, Jerome, Gautham, Bharath and a whole lot of people. Wanted to stay back, but then had very little time and had to go see how the Auditorium was as well.


I don’t know what was going on in informals when I went to the Auditorium. There was a lot of hooting and shouting that made it look like a cultural fest. (Nice work, you actually managed both the culturals and he technical symposium on the same day.) Some Rj’s from Big FM had come and people were going crazy. I personally thought it wasn’t a big deal and the sound quality in the audi was particularly bad.

Overall a nice day at the expense of 2 periods of attendance. But who really cares ?


P.S: I am not revealing any questions here as Vinod and Co. are the Legit authors of the questions. If you are interested to know about the questions, I think he will put it up on his blog under QCT. You may want to see it. Good compilation of questions. 


15 thoughts on “Audience Prize @IMPULSE Quiz

  1. Hey i think QCT members rocked the show!!! Congratulation Gathrers!!! I missed it out, actually i got remember of this eve when i saw this post scraped my head and commenting right now….

    Karthik:How about your dept symp????

  2. @Aravind,

    Less said about my dept symposium the better. All you need to know id, I didn’t attend it myself. 😀

    As for missing out on today’s quiz, you can always attend the IT one which will be in another 15 days or so.

  3. The quiz was bad. I was not interested in doing it. I did it one day. The first two round were done by me and were bad. I would have done better if it had been general on the whole and only if results didn’t come out. The third round was done by my junior Hari of third year. I know very well that the quiz was not good. It was worse than my three online quizzes. I’ll try to put up better ones next time online and before that at Krishna’s place.

  4. @Vinod,

    The quiz was definitely not bad. But then knowing you, I expected a humdinger of a quiz. Which is why I bunked classes and came with my bag 😀 (something I never usually do)

    It was very evident that you did not have the time. Most of the questions were pretty good, but then as I said, I was expecting more questions 🙂

    As you say, I did feel that someone (staff ?) had made it compulsory for you to ask tech related trivia or something. The first round went right over my head 😛

    Waiting for your next edition of QCT. ORK will take some time. I am planning on doing another disappearing act soon.

  5. @Karthik, haha i was one who got the books for audience, i hope it’s good one. But so sad both are same. Actually i thought it’s for quiz winners so got like that, after i brought the book quiz master( vinod) said it’s for AUDIENCE. btw i think you meant Jerome as Gerome right? ( am not that sure haan)

  6. @Rachel,

    Ah, I see. I must say nice choice of book. It’s atleast good that I haven’t read the book yet. And according to some websites, it’s one of the best books ever written. Actually Shivakumar refused to gimme the second book saying it’s the same 🙂 That’s when I gave one book to Abhi. 😀 (We are quiz partners, So all prizes are split. Thank God I didn’t get just one book. Would have been hard to split.)

    And I think I spelt Jerome wrong. Sorry about that.Shall be corrected.

  7. @Vinod,

    Dude, chill man. As for the second disappearing act, plans not finalised.


    If you are fishing 😉 , then you came to the wrong lake. I am sure Marc had his reasons for asking the participant whatever he did. 🙂

  8. I really don’t know much about Linux. I’m not Arun M or George. I only asked him to name a few Linux based operating systems to see if he was a n00b.

  9. Linux is not some amazing complicated computer science engineering thing. It’s just another OS. I have no experience with it simply because I have no use for it.

  10. I don’t use Linux at all. I do have Linux disks and support the movement away from Microcrap but right now all games run on XP and that’s where I will stay.

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