MIA for 6 days

I haven’t posted on my blog for the past 6 days. Speculations have been rife that I disappeared and/or went into hiding, was hibernating,  finally lost it and ran away, joined some terrorist group or even worse, joined Anna Univ. 😀 (In some lab assistant capacity or something)

So here I am back after 6 days of inactivity (I am sure no one noticed and even they did were kinda relieved not to see posts. 🙂 ) denying all these rumours. I shall be writing later in part as to what I have been upto for the past few days. For now all you have to know is I am fine and will continue to write.


3 thoughts on “MIA for 6 days

  1. Hey bro…u write so frequently and ur blogs have so many hits as well…

    Y don’t u try putting google ads in ur blogs[I’ve seen most bloggers do that]

    and earn a nominal amount of money?…..Just a suggestion…proceed with it, if u feel convenient…

  2. Hi Dobby,

    Thanks for your suggestions. It’s really nice to note that people read my blog and even want me to make money from it. 🙂

    As for Google ads, I think WordPress doesn’t allow banner ads unlike Blogger. But even if they did, I don’t think I would be advertising. I could write paid reviews too for that matter.I am sure there will come a point when I will be absolutely broke and will need money. But till then I don’t plan on advertising on my blog. This is just a hobby for me.

    Thanks for the comment all the same. Maybe I will use google ads sometime in the future.

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