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So, I was sitting in the Odyssey quiz in Music Academy (more on that later) and these guys sitting in the row just behind mine, start talking about results and then call it a ‘false-alarm’. You might wonder why alarm ? When your semester results come, it is time to be alarmed I tell you. I’ll skip all about the results and all the evils that accompany it.

Just in case people haven’t seen you results yet and none of the websites are opening, then instead of going to the Anna univ site and then finding your way into the results (which takes longer), just paste this in your address bar appended by your register number at the end. (just after the = )

Thanks to my friend Renju, I was able to see my results quick enough.

8th semester results published on 22nd May 2008:

Just paste this in your address bar appended by your register number at the end. (just after the = )



21 thoughts on “Anna University Results

  1. Pretty bad actually. Not only is the pass % bad, but also the marks are pretty bad. But atleast that can be attributed to us havin only one lab this time over. I think 60 % pass percent. I think it will go up once the reval results come. hopefully..

  2. Anna f*** univ.. those bloody c***s***** wont let me pass the friggin subject vlsi design which iv been writing for 2 goddamn yrs.. rot in hell all u a**** b**** in anna univ.. a heartlfelt thanks to them for makin my life more misreable..

  3. @Rachel,

    I am sure the results will improve after the revaluation. but 7th semester 50 % is bad. I don’t understand what Anna Univ guys are upto.

    @Anna University Sucks.!

    I completely sympathise with you. In fact you are echoing what thousands of others feel about AU. However, I cannot allow swearing on my blog and hence having to edit out certain portions of your comment.

  4. Can u pls tell me as to when students with arrears in their previous semesters get their results??

  5. @Savitha,

    Sorry about that, but I really don’t. I talked to a few friends and they were of the opinion that it might come out before June the 14th. But nothing is sure. I am sure they must have corrected your 8th semester papers too. Just the other paper(s) have to be corrected. I think the exams are actually still going on. So it will be atleast another week or two.

  6. Never mind.. Wat can u do about it????? Thanks 4 all d pains u took for me.. All d best 4 ur future as an engineer..

  7. Hi..
    I finished my 8 semester some weeks before. Since i got arrears in 7th sem my results are not published (8 sem results came a day b4) now i want to know when my results will be published whether will it coming along with juniors i.e. on july , Since i got only 7th sem arrears will it come in june if not when shall i expect my results..please tell me, i will very much grateful.

  8. @ Henry
    You will get it with the Juniors. But I think while seeing the result you might have seen that they mentioned that you will get the results with the arrear paper and the arrear papers are corrected with juniors as far as I know. So I think it will most probably come in July or by June end.

  9. Hai I am satheesh.I am written my 8th sem exams,but I got 2 arrears in the 7th sem .So my results are not came(current and also arrear).please tell me when the both results are came.

  10. Another post which was written when I was in 7th Semester. I do not have answers to peoples questions and cannot entertain questions semester after semester.

    So I am discontinuing comments for this post

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