Dhanvanthri Temple Coimbatore-Wikimapia

Someone named new, wanted to know where Dhanvanthri temple was in Coimbatore in the comments section of another post. As a former resident of Coimbatore and top contributors in Wikimapia 😉 (though, sadly the descriptions don’t show my name. 😦 ) , I thought I’d post a picture from Wikimapia to make things easy for this person. (Who BTW could have used his/her real name.)

Here’s the pic:


(click on the thumbnail to see larger pic. Pic Courtesy Wikimapia)

I have marked out a few landmarks to make the process of locating the temple easy. However, you will have to ask locals for directions once you are close enough. (I am not going to say third left and then second right and all that.)

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