Stock Markets Crash-…Like my Career Graph.

This was all over the News Channels. The Sensex and nifty had lost points. Meaning that investors in stocks had lost money and a lot of money at that. Now I am not qualified to talk about stock markets as I know very little about economics, but the market graph resembles my career graph.


Atleast here, the scale is on the positive axis. Mine goes into the negative axis. (Starts at around 1.0 and steadily loses ground)

However, I have to make one comment whether people like it or not. Everyone on TV was saying that the Govt. must take steps and make sure that small investors don’t lose money. WTF ? The Govt. doesn’t ask you to invest in stocks. Even the stocks say “subject to risk”. When you want to become rich overnight, you have to take risks and at times it doesn’t pay off. Ypu have every right to feel bad and my sympathies with everyone who lost money. It’s hard to make money these days and losing money you thought you had is a bad sinking feeling. However, don’t blame it on the Government.


11 thoughts on “Stock Markets Crash-…Like my Career Graph.

  1. Ah, yes. I spelt it wrong and didn’t even have the opportunity to look at it. You comment real fast. 🙂 I’ll make the correction though. Thanks

    And I am exceptional, my negative slope is so far the record. Other people also have negatie slopes, but they don’t even come anywhere close to me.

  2. @Marc,
    That scale is from -inf to +inf. No way your’s can be out of range. Mayb your slope was so negative, that it self rectified itself and is actually into positive now. (Don’t ask me how. Ask George instead 😉 )


    Marc is just lying. He is placed in infy if you didn’t know. 😀

  3. @Vinod,

    The dates when no posts are written is marked in red while the dates in black are days on which I have written posts. Click on any date which is in black and you will see the posts. Since 24-31 haven’t come yet, I haven’t written posts and hence in red 🙂

  4. I don’t know if anybody’s reported this before but the browser I got doesn’t seem to be able to display your post correctly… Are you sure this post has been tested with Safari? I would advise that you check this, although it could come from a bug on my side

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