Ewww-Stinky Odour

This is hard to explain. There has been this absolutely acrid, pungent, and what not smell around my flats for the past two days. First I had to go to college and endure taachar (torture πŸ˜‰ ) and then when I came back home I almost threw up. This is not the first time this is happening. This smell comes on and off from somewhere around my house. What’s weird is I could smell it only near my hall and no smell at all around the other parts of the house.

Man even with a trained sense of smell (which I do not possess. Not that it matters. I have a cold anyway :)), it’s hard to say where exactly the smell is emanating from and what on earth is causing the smell.

Narrowing down to the sources:

I tried to guess what could be the cause of the smell, but nothing adds up.

  • Tyre burning:They have these all sorts of weird things near my house. Even some kind of LPG agency. I thought it was the smell of tyre burning, but it smells more like rot then burning.
  • A dead rat perhaps:My flats has it’s share of stray cats. So there are chances there is a dead rat somewhere in the premises. But don’t cats eat rats right away ? And what’s with the localised smell ?
  • Some drain blockage:Both the kitchen and the washbasin drains did not smell of anything. Plus we washed them with drainex anyway. Still, there was no smell from them anyway. So that’s ruled out too.
  • Some dead animal inside the house: This seems improbable too. I didn’t find any. πŸ™‚ Plus the smell was not really emanating from any local spot in the house. It just seems to be there. Maybe microorganisms at wortk. (Maybe someone left trash somewhere in the compound somewhere.)Β 


With that I ran out of options. A friend of mine thought it wasust a Skunk inside my house. πŸ˜› Maybe. Who really knows ? But the real question is, how the hell does when ascertain what it really is ? Trial and error ?

6 thoughts on “Ewww-Stinky Odour

  1. You better take a bath dude. It must from your own body.Dont you see people running away when you go near them.And Skunks are not found in India.Dont you blame the poor animal and got take a bath πŸ˜†

  2. I need permission to print this picture in a children’s book I am writing. Please respond to the gmail account.

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