Blogging is Addictive

Blogging has become pretty addicive for me these days. Well, for some people, it’s just a part of their life and it goes on. I like writing, myself and thanks to WordPress, I have been doing so for the past few months. Normally I don’t write unless I feel like writing, (Now, who does ? People actually do.) but having a say on every topic, simply takes too much time. And I am already crawling along at snail’s pace (and I am pretty sure the snail is going to win )on the project front and that’s a real concern.

So for the next few days, Project (and Saarang. Darn, I am torn between wanting to attend this and finally getting down to some work on my project.) will take centre stage. (Atleast Saarang will 😉 ) Having said that, I don’t know how long it will be before I write my next post. I hope it’s not tomorrow. Kinda, defeats the purpose of this post.

ORK-03 is coming up soon and its going to be meaner this time. (Muahahaha….) So stay tuned for that….


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