Saarang Vs Kurukshetra Online Quiz

I had the opportunity to look into both the online quizzes.

Saarang Online Quizz(s):

In the Saarang online quiz#01, I got 3 answers right on 10. Not a big deal, except I didn’t use Google. (Which you are allowed to and will need if you have any intention of answering all the questions.)

Coming to Saarang online quiz#02, I have actually sent an entry. I think I might have gotten atleast 8 right this time out of 11 questions. (With some help from friends like Shiva, Hari and Google of course.) The other three were simply uncrackable. There might have been some clue I am missing out on.

The Questions to which I could simply not get the answers were, questions 05,07 and 11. 11 seems familiar, but I simply can’t seem to place it.

Irrespective of how many I got in both these, it was an enjoyable experience. I think that’s what matters in quizzes. It’s the right mix of easy and tough questions.

Kurukshetra Online Quiz:

I don’t know who set the questions really. Sad pucks*. Always trying to prove that we are above the others. Just beause you are across IIT, doesn’t mean you are IITans. Yes offence, but you guys suck big time.

In comparison to Saarang Online Quizzes, the so-called Konline quiz sucked big time. Atleast the first one did. (K -> Komic ?)

Kurukshetra online quiz#01 – I kinda got parts of questions 03, 06,09 and got answers 07,08 and 13 right. Most of the questions came across as weird. (I may not be the best quizzer around, but I can tell a good quiz from a Wannabie-IIT quiz) Some of the connects were absurd. (Even more absurd than the connects I come up with.)

Kurukshetra online quiz #02-I think there’s still time to send this one in.(Even if the PDF says deadline is 13th January. Retards!!)  But at first glance I felt this one seems much better (yes, much better for such a pretentious quiz) than the first. (Need to find out how many people actually sent in entries for the first one. The official figure/100 should give us a ballpark estimate 😉 ) Coming to my answers, I have got 01,02,03,07,10,12,14,15 correctly so far. Some of the others like 13,09,08,06,05 I have gotten part of it right. Will have to see if I can crack it on time and send an entry. But I am sure many people would have cracked the second quiz.

On a concluding note, I would like to post the answers before it appears officially, but that would only decrease my chances of winning. So I will resist the temptation of showing off for now. And hope I win an online quiz sometime soon.


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