Ponting to retire/hang up his boots ?

This just in!! Ponting is thinking about retiring. No one knows of-course. But remember whenever Ponting does retire, you read about it here first. 


(pic: Hung boots and a stinky pair of socks.)

Looks like Ricky Ponting has a lot to think about these days. The famous Australian batsman and captain who was recently in news for being a bad sport, has hardly done anything in this series so far. At-least not with his bat!! 🙂 His on field antics have been better than ever and reliable sources report that Ponting has even been offered a career in Theatre. (Bret Lee has even been suggesting Bollywood, but warns Ponting that he will not be seen as a hero nor cast as one.)  Whether Ponting will take it is of-course remains to be seen, since he already has a lucrative career as an umpire when he does retire. He’s actually been rehearsing for that very job. (As witnessed by millions on TV in the Sydney test.) He is also heard to be becoming Bucknor’s close friend.

Ricky Ponting

(Pic: A glum looking Ponting pondering over his future.)

Touted as the next successor to Sachin Tendulkar in current test match circuit, Ponting has hardly done anything in this series that warrants such comparisons. Ahem,..apart from the on field circus and KG kid boo-hoo complaining and all that. That he has done remarkably well.

Dismissed in both innings of the Perth test by nothing more than a kid (Ishant Sharma – age <20) who is just into test matches is a new low. (All credit to Sharma though. Way to go dude!!)

Ricky was dismissed 3 times out of 4 in the previous two matches of this series by none other than Harbhajan Singh. If I was Ishanth Sharma, I’d carry a voice recorder with me at all times. It is clear who the next racism allegation is going to be targeted against. Watch it Ishanth!! Before you know it, Ponting will claim you yelled ‘Howzzat’ and that it is considered racist in his province or wherever he hails from.

Ricky, you’ll retire when you retire. Just concentrate on your game for now. Fame is a lost cause you are fighting for.


2 thoughts on “Ponting to retire/hang up his boots ?

  1. whoever wrote this is a cunt, sayin that gettin out to ishant sharma is a bad thing. he is one of indias better bowlers and in that perth test bowled really well and deserved the wicket. Sure his form has dipped a bit, but you have to remember that the once great aussie team has a different look now and as they retire, the talent replacing them is not as good as the last decade. Australia arent goin away yet, and neither is ponting. still averages 58 or so, that cant be disregarded…true legend

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