Indians stop the Aussie Bugger-lot, Whack Aussies at WACA in 4 days

India won the 3rd test at PERTH!! Wait now you need to stress upon two words there. WON!! and PERTH!! Australians were bragging about their pace attack and gunning for the 17th straight test victory..blah,blah,blah. But Indians have played 4 days of superb cricket and all credit goes to the Indian players. Shaun Tait (supposedly their tear away fast bowler who was more away than tear) looked sad and lost. His action looks suspect too I must say. Looks more like he is throwing a Javelin.

Now whether they win or lose the next test is immaterial. No one really cares. We stopped Ricky Ponting’s party!! He can never win 17 matches in a row ever again. (Actually if everything had gone to plan, I don’t think he would have even won the 16th. It took some really bad umpiring wait for it- from Ricky himself, to win the 16th match)


(pic: The Aussie Kangarro flat on its back and on the mat!!)

Can you believe no test team has beaten the Aussies in 5 years ? And the last team to beat them that too at Australia was India itself. I was sure as hell that the last match would get drawn. And India looked really demoralised after that and the whole Harbhajan Singh issue. India came out bravely by dropping Bhajji. Not because he is banned, but because this is the Perth track we are talking about. It needs real courage to pick someone who is in the eye of the storm. But it requires even more courage to drop that person. Way to go Kumble. Good captaincy.

The Aussies seem to be lost in sledging and appealing and all that. It’s been a while since they have been challenged and they buckled. Aussie cricket is going to see a new low soon. Ponting, Hayden and Gilchrist will be gone and I don’t see anyone filling their shoes. Clarke will do Pontings job I guess. (Not captaining, the rogue behaviour on field is what I meant.)

Regardless of what has happened and what will happen in Adelaide, India have done well and this is a moral victory for them.

P.S: I was going to call it the Aussie Juggernaut, but then this team really is a bugger lot. And the Indians certainly whacked the poop out of the Kangaroos.


8 thoughts on “Indians stop the Aussie Bugger-lot, Whack Aussies at WACA in 4 days

  1. haha..nice picture there. BUt, truth of the matter is OZZ is still the champion side. Think India should do this in a regular basis. Keeping thoughts at bay, KUDOS INDIA. KUDOS to swing bowlers. KUDOS to FAB4+openers. KUDOS to WK. THEY did turnedOVER the champSIDE in atleast 2/3 departments of the game. GO repeat this in ADD-laid in my opinion.

  2. @Unikuttan,

    India is definitely a good cricket team.


    cricket noob!! 😉


    You are right. Australis is still the best team in world cricket. If only India can beat them more often. As for Ad-laid, 😉 we will know in some time.

  3. @Aravindhan,

    Hi. Let me first welcome you to my blog. You are right. The over aggresiveness of the Ozs might have worked against them actually. Let’s wait and see what happens in Adelaide.

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