Bajaj Na-no?


There’s been a lot of talk about Tata Nano of late and its pretty warranted too. Apart from being a cheapest car in the world, it is also raising concerns and eyebrows from all corners of the world. ( Read Marc’s articles on the same here.)

Even before I read about the Nano (The talk has been going on for years now. I am talking about the actual release.) , I came to know of Bajaj’s car. I must say that both car’s look pretty decent inspite of being very cheap. 

The Bajaj car’s have the following edge over Tata’s car. (though one must remember that as of now it’s only a caoncept car and is expeted to hit the marlet only after 2010. By then Tata would have sold God knows how many small cars.)

  • It has higher displacement
  • It comes in CNG variants. (apart from petrol and diesel.)
  • It uses CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission.)
  • Partnership with Nissan/Renault.

Bajaj’s Car:


The Tata Nano:

Tata Nano

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Bajaj unveils concept car

The $3000 car from Bajaj is $500 classier than the $2500 Tata Nano

The only thing I am worried about is when China begins to realise (there already are rumors – “The Kolkata-based company Global Automobiles has reportedly announced a tied up with China’s Guangzhou Motors, to roll out a low-cost car, a report said.”) that if Tata can make a car for Rs. 1 lac then they can make 3 for the same price. Man, just wait for that day. Everything is going to be redefined.

8 thoughts on “Bajaj Na-no?

  1. No big deal making a car for Rs.1 lac or so. My doubt is ,will it be that strong enough to save people’s life even during small accidents.

  2. @Rachel,

    C’mon, don’t say it’s not a big deal to make a car for Rs. 1 lac. Well they had to compromise on engine displacement and all. But it is a big deal inspite of all that.

    As far as saving people’s life is considered, it meets all the Indian standards. Which means that it meets all crash tests, etc which other cars meet. Having said that I cannot assure you it will save people’s lives. (It’s Indian standards you see 😉 )

  3. @Vinod,
    Did you know Ambassador is bound to kill more people in an accident than a Maruthi 800 under same collision conditions ?

    The gauge of the steel/material used is not the only deciding factor in crash tests.

    Having said that, you cannot expect people inside will survive a high speed front-on collision with a Lorry. 😀

  4. It is safer then two wheeler drive , because two wheeler kills more people and people can be more rash in two wheeler , so i think it is safer car

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