Umpires under the scanner again

Some News Channels were flashing the Sachin Tendulkar dismissal again and again and again today. I will have to say it was NOT OUT and even Ian Chappel agreed to it. Asad Rauf did make a mistake. But having said that, cut the umpires some slack. They are humans too and you just sacked the two umpires from the previous match. (Steve Bucknor and that other bloke who asked Ricky Ponting for his take on a dismissal-Marc Benson.)

The Raging Technology Debate:

This is one debate I wouldn’t like to take a stand on. Whether to use technology for umpiring decisions is a big decision.

The things that go in favour of implementing technology to a greater extent are:

  • More and more bad decisions are coming to the fore because of the technology that the commentators use.
  • Software like Hawk-eye use sophisticated missile ballistics to make decisions.
  • When you have it, you might as well use it.
  • Sometimes one bad decision can turn a game around completely. (Which is why people were incensed the last match.)

Things that go against implementing technology completely include:

  • Umpires will be mere on-field spectators then as they would not have any role to play.
  • The tradition of the game will take a hit. 😉 (Some people are very touchy about such things.)
  • The new technology no matter how good is not always 100 % correct.

It’s hard to say. But the way it’s all going and what with good umpires becoming too old (Bucknor, take my advice and retire.) and not many good umpires coming up the ranks, technology is going to butt in.


4 thoughts on “Umpires under the scanner again

  1. Its time for the Indian media to stop these things. In the second innings of Aus batting Hussey and Symonds were not out but were given out. It happens in match now and then. Our media is taking it very seriously if master blaster is given out by wrong decision.

  2. I doubt if Symonds was given out wrongly. Hussey yes. The same umpire made the mistake with Sachin too and on the same height issue.It does happen all the time agreed. But that’s the whole point. Do you want to continue allowing it ?

    The point is not whether Indian media is taking it seriously. The point is do you want to allow faulty judgement all the time when it can ruin a game ?

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