I saw this cool Greenpeace poster recently and got a snap of the same.


In view of growing environmental concerns, here are a couple of links to what Greenpeace does:

Wikipedia article on Greenpeace


Here are a couple more cool photos,


(click on the thumbnails for bigger pics.)


9 thoughts on “GREENPEACE…

  1. Really cool poster, last line is too good. But we can’t help, coz whatever warnings you give ,our society idiots won’t listen. They jus think of only cutting the tree & making a maximum profit outta of that place either selling it to IT companies or building apartments. One more excuse, for widening the roads( under construction forever in this century).

  2. Greenpeace is different. They are not afraid. You will often find them blocking huge ships carrying toxic materials in tiny boats, protesting against pollution in most major summits all over the world… really awesome. Give them money if you want to make a difference. These people can help you do it.

  3. Depends on which chapter you’re talking about. In some places Greenpeace is nothing but a bunch of socialites trying to look green. In other places it’s people who actually care. In any case, I do my monthly donations. I’ll pass along the newsletter next time it happens.

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