Troubles with my project – #001

In anticipation of more than 100 troubles I am sure I will encounter, I have named this post #001. Plus, trouble #007 will sound really cool.

Anyway, here’s my first trouble. I have this .exe file that will open on the PC I am working on right now, but won’t work on my other PC. (Exclusively meant for my project.) What I don’t understand is, both of them run the same operating system (yes, Windows XP) and both have Service Pack 2. So it’s kinda baffling to the point that I am going to pull out what little hair I have on my head. I asked a few people for advice and someone suggested that I re-install Windows. I’ll probably have to wait and see if that works. I have a spare hard disk. So maybe I can experiment on that for now.

If you think you know what the trouble could be, you are invited to comment.

P.S: The .exe is fairly simple and should not need too many resources. It’s more like the programs we write in our labs really. Also the two computers have different hardware configurations, but I am almost certain that that’s not where the issue is. 

One thought on “Troubles with my project – #001

  1. What language? What compiler? What are the dependencies? What VB runtime DLLs does it require? What do you mean by it won’t work. Does it run and crash? Does nothing happen when you run it? Does it crash the system?

    How can anyone help without all these details?

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