Project – Zeroth Review

Zeroth Review: 

The zeroth review of my project went alright for the most part. I was really pleased with the way it went because in-spite of having a 18 slide presentation, no one understood much of what I was upto. Well I am an advocate of the ‘only one batch at a time for review’ policy. But we had all batches watching everyone’s presentation and I didn’t like the idea at all. So I decided that I would use the most obscure words and confuse everyone so much so that at the end of it no one would have any clue what I was upto. 

And that’s exactly what I did. And I didn’t even need the thesaurus to help me. (Like Joey does in this one episode of friends.) I am sure that would have been more fun, but then my project would also have been rejected. I spoke to my project guide about my idea even before the review and told her that I don’t want the idea to be public knowledge. (Well if you think that I am upto something big, you are wrong. It’s just that I am up to nothing really. By creating this mystery around my project I want people to believe that I am up to something.)

I had one trouble though. I am working alone on my project. That’s not the trouble really. When I asked my project co-od if I could borrow a guy to take care of the slide show, she refused saying I was alone on that too. 😦 Too bad. That’s how life works. So I had to take care of the slides too apart from mumbling something that could have easily been misunderstood for Greek and Latin.

I was pleased at the end of the entire review when people came upto me and said ‘So, dude the presentation all went well, but what are you upto ?’. That was like the cherry on top of the icing.  Some people even thought I was doing something on rocketry. Ah, I only hope I did.

Other batches’ projects:

Most people (and not just my dept, or my college) simply buy stuff off the shelf. (There was this one batch that even had the entire slide show of the project ready and just presented the first 2 slides from it.) Doing a final year project is really hard. I mean you have to put in a lot of work especially if it has a hardware side to it. There’s hell a lof of mathematics involved too. And people don’t like that. Like all the labs and all the important stuff they skipped in the curriculum, they want to skip this too and have it easy. Sad state of affairs. But one can’t really blame them. When you are working on your own there is this risk that you won’t even complete your project and that the output will not be reliable. Plus there is no one to guide you. I know we have the so called project guides. But they are all useless really.

Some people were getting ripped by the project centres. They were implementing petty things using technology that does not warrant its usage. To make it  sound more simpler, they didn’t need to do it the way they did it as it did not boast of any advantages over simpler methods, cost more and resulted in more work. But project centres just want to make you believe that this project is really cool. So people were using stuff without really knowing why!!

Troubles with my project:

I knew from the very beginning that my project was going to be a lot of trouble. I stick to what I said earlier about it not being high funda at all.  It’s just that I am probably the laziest guy in my college. (definitely the laziest in my class) I can get my work if I want to though, except I almost never do.

The only encouraging sign is that in the past I have put in a lot of work into my lab work. Almost all my labs, I have done without (much) assistance from fellow classmates or the staff in-charge. That’s one thing that prompted me to take this gamble on doing my project sitting home. It’s also probably going to be the reason why I lost a lot of marks in my project. 😀



11 thoughts on “Project – Zeroth Review

  1. Well at least you are doing it on your own and not getting any stupid comments on your project or any suggestions like do it in center from someone. You are lucky dude! rofl

  2. Yes, I am lucky I guess. In that I am having my way with things. I know I am going to do miserably in the final review, but thats a price I am willing to pay for not going and buying stuff from some dumb project centre.

    My PR ? Didn’t quite get you there… (I know what PR is. Just, where and how you got that figure from)

  3. Jesus Christ!! Just Noticed it myself. Now how did that happen ?? A week back I had no PR. I am sure it’s a mistake and Google will regret it and take it back!! 😀

  4. Karthik you gotta to be kidin dude, in our coll we students only have to teach the staff-in-charge whether theory or labs. The problem is you’ll have trouble making the staffs to understand the concept of your project coz they don’t get what you say & we won’t understand what they’re trying to say. it’s somewhat difficult with staffs man.

  5. @Rachel,

    True. And they have this complex that makes them feel small when the have to learn from us. Thankfully for me, I have a slightly more receptive project co-od.(not to be misunderstood as guide)

  6. You? Lazy? What is your aggregate? That will speak for itself.

    Now, change the anchor text for my blog to ‘Marc Sez’ and add /blog to the link.

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