Post #One Oh Oh

One of the troubles with being a cricket fan is that we are obsessed with the numbers 50 and 100 and even 5 and 10 (for wicket hauls.) So when I looked at my blog stats and saw that this was my 100th post, something happened to me. Now instead of writing normal stuff that I normally write, I wanted this post to be some kind of a Magnum Opus. Something special since the number 100 warrants this. (Yea, it’s just another number, some may say.)

100 rupee coin100 rupee coin-2

(pic: atleast the picture above is special. It’s a 100 rupee coin. Now how many of you people own that ? )

But then I thought about it and it occured to me that its just an indication of how jobless I have been. Well, not all bloggers are jobless. Some people take it seriously indeed. But that doesn’t take away the fact that I am jobless. Having said that this very blog has served as an outlet of my frustrations and anger and creativity ? 😉 So I guess it’s worth it.

Since I couldn’t come up with anything special for this post, I am leaving it this way for now. Maybe when I attain wisdom, ill use this post to preach.