The lump on my head..

This morning I was having my bath when I put my hands to my head. And ouch!! it hurt just near my right temple. It hurt just to touch it. I as wondering what the hell it was and then I remembered.

Yesterday night when I was asleep, I remember getting up for water. When I went back to sleep, I let my head fall on my pillow as hard as it could. Then bam!! (*^#$#%^) my head hit the computer table instead. (You need to picturise my room here. My computer table is right next to my cot and more often than not, my pillows are propped on the table.) So no surprise then that I missed the pillow and hit the computer table instead. Except it was really hard man. And that too the edge of the table. 😦

The thing is, I was so damn sleepy yesterday night (after watching a movie till 2 A.M.), that in-spite of hitting my head hard on the table I still went to sleep and didn’t even care to get up and see if I was hurt or anything. Just slept. And till this morning I didn’t realise what it was. 🙂 Now I am nursing a swollen head. (I hope my skull isn’t cracked.)


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