Symonds-does calling you a donkey upset you as well?


(pic: Symonds feeling electric ? )

Disclaimer:The word Donkey is not meant as racist. If symonds has an inferiority complex and feels sub-human by being called a donkey, he is welcome to come home and knock my door and tell me so. Its another thing I won’t let him inside my house, but maybe I will call him other non-racist names next time around. I have plenty of names and I have an encyclopedia. (Ever heard of that Psycho ? Oops, I meant Symo.)

As docile as we are, we Indians hate to be provoked!! Indian tempers are on the rise. Hey symmo, you needed three lives to get to a hundred. Are you and Bucknor more than just buddies ?

Harbhajan Singh being banned is ridiculous. I’ve already covered this in my earlier post. Indians should botcott the tour and come back. Cricket Australia, up yours!! All cricket playing nations should boycott Australia.

Here’s a link to the article by ‘The Australian’

Harbhajan ‘broke a deal’ on abuse

I am going to quote a few things form the article and come up with counter arguments.

Australia’s only black player, Symonds was subjected to racial abuse in the form of monkey chants during the final three games of the one-day series in India, even though Indian officials attempted to deny it.

False. He or anyone else for that matter were not subjected to any kind of abuse during any of the matches in the series. And symonds is black ? Must have a decent plastic surgeon. (Dude are you in touch with Michael Jackson ? )

During the last one-day match in Mumbai, on the field Harbhajan called Symonds a monkey.

I don’t know for sure if Harbhajan called Symonds a monkey. I don’t know how it works in Australia. But here in India, even LKG students call each other monkey. I’m sure you have better ways to insult each other in Australia when you are in KG. Shows on field man.

An upset Symonds reported the incident to Australia’s officials following the match and attempted to defuse it. The Queenslander knocked on India’s team dressing-room door and asked to speak to Harbhajan.

After explaining how he felt about the term, which infers someone is sub-human, Harbhajan said he was sorry and agreed not to use it again.

Symonds was upset ? He is capable of being upset ? That’s news to me.  Should give credit to ‘The Australian’ for reporting news.
Two more things. Symonds went and explained that it hurts ? I am touched man. But you on field banter with Indians isn’t very pleasing to them either. Now dude if you want us to consider how you feel about certain words, we will give you a list of words as well. Take the English dictionary. And just shut the f**k up!! (ICC here, that’s the list of words Aussies cannot use on field. No words from the English Dictionary. Does that sound ridiculous ? So does your scheme of submitting a list of offensive words.)

If at all Harbhajan Singh apologised, it shows how considerate he was. But I am pissed with the Indians. How the hell did you allow that ‘Rascala’ to enter your dressing room. Guys stop being nice to hooligans. It’s our one inherent fault- being nice. But why did Harbhajan ever agree to anything ? He should have asked him to submit a written statement saying that “monkey upsets me. So please don’t call me that. Please, I really don’t want to cry on field”.

Another said: “The word monkey was used because he knows that it upsets Symonds.”

Dudes, you sledge all the teams knowing perfectly well that it upsets them. Why cry foul now ?

Here’s another article meant to play with Kumble’s psyche:

Kumble’s Bodyline bouncer

I know Australians will say, hey a couple of decisions man. Chill!! Dude, the bloody umpires gave ‘Dravid’ out man. He would single handedly have faced bloody 50 overs. Then Ganguly too. That’s just way too much.

Here is more from this article:

Kumble claimed he would also review an agreement with rival captain Ponting to take a fieldsman’s word on catches after Michael Clarke took a low chance off Sourav Ganguly at second slip and the former skipper refused to leave until given out twice by umpire Benson.

Man why did you even need to agree with that hooligan on issues like this. This guy (Punter or whatever) has no integrity whetever. They(Australians) are simply crooks, who will do anything to win a match.

And Ponting, who described the feeling of victory as one of the best he had felt on a cricket field, later took great exception to questions about a catch he took and unsuccessfully appealed for which was turned down.

“If you’re actually questioning my integrity in the game you shouldn’t be standing there,” Ponting said to an Indian journalist.

“With what I did in the first innings, does that explain the way I play the game?”

Loser f***er. It totally justifies the way you play your game. You cheat. Once a cheater always a cheater. Don’t tell me you have reformed and stuff. And why shouldn’t the journalist be standing there ? He’s doing his job atleast with integrity, unlike you bunch of crooks.

It also seems that Brad Hogg has racially abused Indian players.

P.S: To all you burly Aussies who cry foul at the mention of any word and go ‘Racist’ Racist’ and then go home and cry, ‘Rascala’ is not racist. If Symonds feels upset by it, he can report me to ICC and cry me a river.  Go hug your mommy Symo boy. (mommy. I hope you read the word clearly. It says mommy and not monkey. Are you educated by the way ? )