Punter a proponent of ‘Turn the volume down policy’


(pic: the stump mic is supposed to be between two stumps)

This is an outdated issue now. The issue of stump camera’s mic volume being turned down. However in recent light of the racism controversies, one only wonders why the ‘skipper’ of the Australian team wanted some time back that the volume of the stump mic be turned down.

I think I know why. Because then the world would be aware of the dirty Australian sledging. Also they cannot claim stuff like they did against ‘Bhajji’ if the stump mics were on. I mean there would be solid evidence. Then Symonds cannot say, “He called me a monkey butt. I am sensitive to these kind of things” . (P.S: F**k off, f**ker and associated terminology are allowed though.)

Here’s more on the ‘Turn the volume down’ issue:

Peter Moores has questioned the role of the stump microphone to relay information from the field to television screens after the confrontational second npower Test between England and India. The England head coach and team director also tried to draw a line under the jellybean incident, saying: “It had no meaning whatsoever.”

That was from India’s tour of England.

Moores fails to silence debate with attack on TV intrusion

“The volume of the stump microphone has been a consideration. There have to be some things left on the field to be fair to the player so that he can play the game without worrying that everything he says will be relayed.”

You got to be kidding me!!

An ICC regulation states: “The stump microphone must be off except when the batsman is taking guard at the start of his innings, as the bowler commences his run-up until the ball is hit or passes the bat and as the fielder launches his return throw until the ball reaches the keeper’s gloves, the fielder at the bowler’s end, or hits the stumps.”

Why on earth ? So that Aussies and English can get away with whatever they say and then can blame the Indian’s ? ICC stop siding with ‘White’ teams.

The nonsense served up by Prior and others would not be allowed on the tennis court. It would not be allowed on the golf course. It is not allowed in American Football, basketball or baseball.It would even bring a warning from the referee in the boxing ring.For some unknown reason cricket tolerates what these other sports do not. It is time the umpires were allowed, and encouraged, to stamp it out. – said a comment

Exactly. ICC time to think for a change. The ball is in your court now.

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(pic: Ponting has his balls upset by the bowler. Oops, I meant bails.)

My point is, Ponting said when asked about the microphone issue that ‘it should not be allowed’ or something on those lines. Mr.Ponting, it would have sorted out the racism issues you guys are cooking up. Turns out you are culinary experts apart from being bad bullish cricketers.