More on the Harbhajan Singh , Hogg Controversy…


(pic: The turbanotor in merrier times)

I have been following the match both on Television and News Channels. From what I saw, Symonds was talking non stop and Harbhajan was just speaking back. Nothing wrong at all. You guys like only monologues in Australia ? C’mon man be a sport, ‘Punch Dialogue’ and all. The fact is that Aussies are chickens and are afraid of playing Bhajji and wanted to dent his psyche. It was all a pre-planned set up for all you know. Maybe this was the ‘plans and preparations’ they were talking about in press conferences.

Does Symonds look like a saint ? (I do not know how saints in Australia look like. We have a different culture here.) Why is he accusing people here ? 

Here is what a few articles are saying on-line recently:

At 27, bad boy Harbhajan risks turning into India’s boor – The Sidney Morning Herald

Wait, Harbhajan is not a bad boy. He is a hero in my eyes. You call Bhajji a bad boy and Symonds a hero ? Bhajji has dismissed Ponting on so many occasions that Ponting’s wife tells me, that he had sleepless nights for well over an year. (Well you cannot prove this, but then you cannot prove that Harbhajan said anything racist either.)

This is yet another .au site. They talk about Bhajji’s personal life. They have taken quotes of what people said about Bhajji in some other interview and used it conveniently now. Yet another way to get to him mentally. Stick to his on field performances losers. And as for Bhajji, pay no heed to these losers.

Harbhajan denies allegation, team upset with complaint

Now this is an Indian site and does more justice to the story.

Local media quoted unnamed Aussie players as saying Harbhajan had pushed Lee, and it all started then. Nothing of the sort was seen on TV, and the Indian camp denied the charge.

Hey Aussies, these days matches are televised. You cannot get away claiming whatever you imagine. Did ICC guys do a cope test on these buggers ? They must have been high when they leveled charges.

This is what Chetan Chauhan had to say:

“If he did say anything at all, it would have been in the heat of the moment, in retaliation for continuous aggravation and extreme provocation by some of the Australian players”

Absolutely correct. When you have 11 men surrounding you and taunting you and poking fun at you, you simply have to retaliate.

Sydney Test: Sledgers complain against sledging and racism!

Totally apt title. Except is should have been ‘Sledgers cry about Sledging and racism.’

Australians are playing mind games : Chauhan  

“It is just that in the past the retaliation had not come from the Indians. But now the Indian boys have started answering back and may be that is the reason why they are a bit surprised and shocked”

Surprised and shocked and acting like total losers.


(pic: Hogg seems to be hogging the limelight for the wrong reasons. Also he seems paralytic when he contorts his mouth like that. )

Here is what I read about Hogg:

India lodge complaint against Hogg

Indian’s, you guys are stupid man. I mean I know you wanted to show good sportsmanship, but if Hogg called you names, you should have complained right on time and walked off the field too.

BCCI lodges complaint against Hogg 

While Harbhajan is contemplating his near future and being sad and low, Hogg probably after having won the match took one of the Indians’ comments to f**k off a little too literally.  😛  Nice one Hogg. Stay at it. Oh, I meant the bowling.  

Bhajji, we all saw that you were down when you came out to bat. Ban or no ban, be strong man. You will get to rape the Aussie batting line up yet again. Just concentrate on that for now. Be strong…