The Aussie Ploy Again…

Disclaimer: In view that racism can create heated sentimental issues, the writer hereby declares that he is against all forms of racism and stands for equality of all races.  

Australia is the World Champion in cricket. Then why is it that they are acting like losers currently ?

News is that Harbhajan Singh has been accused of Racially Accusing ‘Andrew Symonds’. Symonds, here is a word of advice for you – Stop the banter and get down to playing cricket. Even the monkeys seem to be bored of it. Seriously!!  

The fact of the matter is, Symonds drew ‘Bhajji’ into an argument because the latter had made a 50 of the Australian bowling. Guys (Australians) work on the bowling rather than the taunting. What is poor ‘Bhajji’ to do when 11 of the Australian players randomly chat something and try and distract him ? There was nothing wrong in talking back at all. Though if it was indeed racist, it’s not such a cool thing to do. But having said that, I doubt if ‘Bhajji’ said anything racist at all. Looks like Symo couldn’t take even a bit of taunting. Dude, if you can’t take it and need reinforcements from your team to taunt a single player, you might as well tape your mouth with a adhesive sticker or go cry to mama.


What do I think of the incident ? Harbhajan looked clearly appalled and one feels sorry for him. Symonds didn’t look even a bit like he was offended. They are just twisting and turning facts to suit their own needs. If the Aussies are able to prove that it was indeed racial taunts, then ‘Bhajji’ should be banned. Having said that ‘Tendulkar’ was out there in the middle. He will have to agree to the claims that the ‘Aussie’ bunch make. If Tendulkar feels that they are indeed blowing it out of proportion, then a few Australians need to be banned. If inspite of Tendulkar’s testimony, Bhajji is charged and banned, then we should boycott this tour and all future tours to Australia. 

Another interesting thing is can a ‘colored’ person racially abuse another ‘colored’ person. Don’t you see/hear the word ‘nigga’ , ‘nigger’ used in rap songs and Hollywood movies by ‘colored’ people. 

Lets take a look at couple of earlier pictures to judge who is taunting whom:

Harbhajan Singh

(You have almost the entire Aussie team surrounding Bhajji and it looks like they are having a merry time in making fun of him.)

Andrew Symonds-2

(Symonds definitely looks like he has been racially abused in this picture. What makes one wonder is why he is happy about it ? Wierd eh ? Not to mention where his left hand is  [:P]  Sicko!!) (P.S: This is the series in India. But Symonds had accused Srisanth and Bhajji even back then.) 

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On a concluding note I would like to say that, if Symonds keeps falsely accusing people, he should be served out a life ban. Enna Rascala, mind it!!