First Day in College of 8th Semester

The final semester of my undergraduate course. After almost a months holidays we had college today. Officially we did not have college, but we had to go to discuss our projects anyway.

Pathetic Choice of Electives:

My class guys are at it again. Their choice of electives once again has been pathetic. The only saving grace is that I don’t really care anymore. 🙂

Subjects for Elective 3:

  • Operating Systems
  • Power System Transients
  • Internetworking Technology
  • Embedded System Design
  • Mobile Communication

I would personally have preferred ‘Embedded System Design’ because it is related to our stream and I kinda like Microprocessors and stuff. Internetworking Technology was another option. Nothing path breaking, but a decent syllabus really. Atleast I would have learnt something. Actually I think the syllabus was pretty cool.

But as it goes, my class mates have chosen Mobile Communication. Absolutely useless. We can never work on anything practical with cellular concepts mainly because the syllabus will be lame and cover 5 year old systems which are already redundant. But I must say I am not all that disappointed with this choice. Atleast I don’t have to do ‘Power System Transients’.

Subjects for Elective 4:

  • Power Quality
  • Adaptive Control
  • Operations Research
  • VLSI Design
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Control

Now this is the elective that pissed me off. I would have been ok with VLSI Design or even Neural Networks . Both are pretty good papers. Adaptive Control is another good paper. It’s a pity then that these guys chose ‘Power Quality’. Why God, why ? Instead of learning cool stuff, I am learning lame stuff. I am one of the people that likes Power Systems but then Power Quality is just lame and really abstract!!

So that was that. Electives screwed. Yet Again!!


As if the elective wasn’t shock enough for me, we were told that we have to stay in college the whole day. Here’s the deal. We final years don’t have college on all days but Mondays and Tuesdays. The only reason we went  to college was to find out about our project reviews and stuff. And that was supposed to take not more than an hour. Finally we somehow made our way out.

What a beginning to a new semester.

9 thoughts on “First Day in College of 8th Semester

  1. @Marc,

    That I am a EEE student and I’d have a decent knowledge about my subjects.

    Why I shouldn’t be glad is I did not join Engineering and pay my fees so that I could learn lame stuff (which people choose just so that they can just pass without any issues.) Plus both subjects are not in the list of subjects I am interested in. That’s reason enough for me not to be glad.

  2. If you meant the IT employers, you are right. But even if not immediately after college, I still nurse hopes of working in some electronics major down the line. I’ll probably do a M.S. When I apply for the colleges, they will ask me what my electives were and why I chose them.

    I seriosuly hope i get another job. But then if I don’t, I think I can still use that to my advantage. IT experience might come in handy. For the moment I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that things go alright…

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